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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Winnie The Pooh Birthday Cake for Anabel

I have rejected Kristin's order previously when she wanted to order an anniversary cake. This time she ordered a birthday cake for her lovely daughter, Anabel, a few weeks before the birthday :-)

As we communicated thru email, we finally ended up with Winnie the Pooh theme. Not much buttercream icing, have some fruits as filling and also on the top of cake. And this was what finally I did for Anabel:

A 30cm square of 2 layer chocolate cakes with special filling which was combination of chocolate ganache and slices of peaches. Minimum butter cream as requested plus I put some strawberries, grapes and slices of kiwis for decoration.

Kristin was very happy with the cake...here were 2 text messages I received from her as her testimonial;

First text message received right after the cakes was delivered:

"Bener-bener cantik deh kuenya, nggak tau nih tega atau ngga motongnya hehe..review rasa ntar yah mbak"

Second text message received after the birthday party:

"Mba Dewi, sori br kasi comment skrg, pg kecapean tepar semua hehehe..rasanya..Kurang...Banyak! Hehe pdhal kuenya ud gede tetep kita kebagian dikit, diserbu keluarga hihi pas bgt Mba, nga terlalu m anis, br kali ini ngerasain cake coklat tp nga bkin eneq, TOB bgt deh Mba, pasti akan ada next order. Thx banget ya mba Dewi!

Wow...I'm so glad reading her last text message I received yesterday. Glad that the party went well and every one loves the cake.

Thank you Kristin!

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