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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Simple Pink & White Birthday Cake for Yosi

Mbak Srie from Hero Group knew Joris' Kitchen from Mbak Tuti. And I assume that mbak Tuti has ever tasted my special vanilla butter cake, it's absolutely different...I can't tell you unless you try it by yourself :-)

For those who ever tried my special vanilla butter cake, I would tell that they will always come and order the same cake again hehehe...first mbak Tuti, and now..mbak Srie. When mbak Srie emailed me about the specification of her order for Yosi, I smiled...well there is more who already got kicked by vanilla hehehe...

Mbak Srie wants to have a 20cm round my special vanilla butter cake with additional chocolate chips on with chocolate ganache filling. The decoration should be the simple one, white and pink color theme.

This morning after the delivery, Mbak Srie sms me saying that she loves with the simple decoration I made.

Thank you mbak Srie, my best regards to Yosi, happy birthday to her and God bless!

Here was the text message I received from Mbak Yosi after the birthday party:

"Mba, makasih yah. Adikku yang ultah, suka banget dengan warna dan hiasannya yang pinky, kuenya moist banget n enak, ganache juga enak banget. Jd semua suka, thanks ya mbak. GBU"

PS. As it's been a week I didn't play with pink color so this time I took more pictures for my white and pink cake...as you know I love this girly theme so much! hahaha....

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