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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chocolate nutty cake

More order from Kak Ellen in UK, cakes for relatives in Indonesia. I made 2 chocolate nutty cake for Kak Ellen's relatives. Basically the cake is 2 layer of moist and rich chocolate sponge cake with generous nuts and chocolate ganache for cake filling and icing.

Why I chose this cake? First time I made this kind of cake for mbak Pritta' sister in Cibinong, then received a very good output. They said the cake was marvelous. Therefor I decided to make the same kind of cake for Kak Ellen's relative.

One cake was sent on Saturday to Tambun, Bekasi and another one was sent on Sunday to Kemang Pratama. Thank you AIU for the excellent delivery!

Thank you very much Kak Ellen for your order and will be happy to do another one in August.

Steamed Chocolate Brownie

Steamed Chocolate Brownie is never die hahahahaha...

I made bigger size for my colleague and Kak Ellen in UK who wants to send the cake to Ienk, our dearest friend in Cirebon.

Helped by AIU courier service, this morning we sent the steamed chocolate brownie to Cirebon with one day service. Wilson as the owner of AIU whom I know very well since he worked for DHL promised me to handle the cake with special treatment including re-packing. Hopefully by COB today I will get a good news from Ienk regarding the cake delivery.

Thank you all!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baby Boy Cake for Evie

Ordered from mbak Pritta in East Java for her beloved sister, mbak Evie in Cibinong. 2 layer of moist and rich chocolate sponges cakes filled with chocolate ganache and nuts.

There was an accident during the process where I couldn't find fondant anywhere. Thank you to my dear friends, Yuli - Kue Rumahan who sent me 7kg of bakels. Yuli...you are my star!!!

Even though I was dizzy the whole night, I am glad that the cake decor turned out as I expected...I think this is cute hehehee...

Again, thank you mbak Pritta!

Mini assorted cuppies

These mini assorted cuppies ordered by mbak Pritta in East Java for her sister who just delivered a baby boy and living in Cibinong, Bogor.

30 chocolate cuppies with 15 girly and 15 boy decor. For 15 boyes I put stars around as couldn't think proper at midnight time. More excuse for dizziness I had last night.

Thank you mbak Pritta for your trust, GBU!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Rabbit and Puppie edible figurines

Continued order from Tiena, 30 strawberry cupcakes with rabbit and puppie edible figurines.

It was fun doing the figurines but took me the whole night to do it, I really didn't have time to sleep at all! But all paid fairly knowing that how cute they were.

Too bad there was a miss understanding between me and Tiena regarding the Happy Birthday wording and candle. I do deeply apologize for the miss understanding, mbak Tiena. Thank you very much for your trust and order.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Barbie Cake for Adinda

A Barbie doll cake for Adinda' 1st birthday ordered by Tiena Van Delft. Tiena and family is having 3 week holiday in Indonesia and as they are living near by my home in Cibubur they ordered this Barbie doll cake for Adinda.

All the cakes are strawberry cakes. For the base cake it's 20cm square of straberry sponge cake with strawberry jam filling then for the barbie skirt I used strawberry butter cake type.

Kind of fun decorating barbie cake, I always enjoy it.

Thank you Tiena...and Happy birthday for Adinda, all the best and many happy returns. God bless!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thank you cupcakes

Today is the last day for Rini at her present company. As a farewell she shared thank you cupcakes from Joris' Kitchen to her colleagues.

Rin, have a safe, healthy pregnancy and delivery...All the best for you and lovely family!

Happy Belated Birthday

Order from my childhood friend, Rini. It's a moist and rich triple chocolate cake with nuts and decorated with fondant.

Rini didn't give me any theme...just up to me....fondant decor for a belated birthday. It's already 4AM in the morning when I did this cake, only have one hour left before getting ready for work. I chose the simple one and hope Rini would like it.

Thanks Rini!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Barbie Cake for Alya

The second cake is for Alya and mbak Eki requested for Barbie doll cake.

I made the one with the flowery theme, similar to the one I made for Nasya as it's a request from mbak Eki.

Thank you very much mbak Eki for your order and trust. Happy Birthday Alya!

3D Lighting Mc Queen for Azka

2 orders from mbak Eki for Azka and Alya. Mbak Eki's children's birthdays are close to each other. Therefor the parents combined the two parties yesterday.

For Azka's 3rd birthday, I made him a 3D Lighting MC Queen cake from triple chocolate cake.

Lighting Mc Queen & Friends birthday cake for Dhyo

For the birthday cake, mbak Susi ordered a 20cm triple chocolate cake with Lighting Mc Queen and friends' theme. The color theme requested were red and blue.

When you decorated the cake using cake toys, that would save your time a lot. So I just loved doing it!

Thank you very much mbak Susi, glad to meet you with the whole family last night. Happy Birthday Dhyo, best wishes and God bless!

Lighting Mc Queen & Friends cupcakes

A simple cupcakes design for Dhyo's 4th birthday. Ordered by mbak Susi, Dhyo's mom.

20 chocolate cupcakes with fondant and Lighting Mc Queen & friends standing edible image. Packed individually to be shared with Dhyo's classmates this morning.

Thank you mbak Susi.

Mini sliced cake - Ayu

Ordered by mbak Ayu from Ditjen Postel.

200 pcs of mini cake slices in 3 variant of flavours.

Chocolate cake with chocolate cream

Strawberry cake

Mocca and nuts

Thanks mbak Ayu.

Princess Mulan (suppose to be...)

This was supposed to be Princess Mulan....but turned out to be Barbie Mulan :-))

Since the beginning of order, both Shierly and I really understood that it wouldn't be easy making Princess Mulan character as there was no barbie doll sold in Mulan's character, besides Mulan' skirt is different than other princess character.

I couldn't find any barbie doll with black hair nor the black brown one...got one with the black brown hair but it was original barbie doll with IDR 129,000 way to expensive to be put on the cake so I decided to use the regular barbie doll for the body and face.

When doing the skirt, my heart didn't allow me to cut down the cake skirt to the skinny type one....because if I cut too much then nothing left to eat. So I just cut down a little bit, hiks....sorry mbak Shierly...that's the main reason.

I hope Jessica won't be too dissapointed and thank you very much for trusting me.

Fancy initial and flowery cookies

Last week was really a blast! My kitchen was pretty busy and it's all just because of His blessing! :-)

40 set of fancy intial and flowery names ordered by Shierly. Making fancy cookies is not really me actually. Too much to work hahahahahaha...but last week I really enjoyed doing them.

Apologize for the picture quality...the baker was too tired and I took the shot at the cookies which weres already packed. Really bad idea, better not do it again!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Assorted 5th Birthday Cupcakes for Gery

Order from mbak Ika, Gery's Mom, whose also JJ's friend in UKSW.

50 chocolate cupcakes with assorted toppings for Gery's classmates. I made 30 cupcakes with girly theme, pink and purple theme as requested, and 20 cupcakes for the boys with cars & tools toppers.

Got the idea for the tools from Handy Many series and I just love them!

Thanks mbak Ika for your order, hopefully there will be the next order hehehehe....

Happy birthday Gery, JBU dear!

Cream Cheese Fruit Pie for boss' birthday

This idea came up in very last minute when I thought I would have made him an edible 3D notebook cake. I was so tired these days...my son was sick...so I didn't have enough energy to make a 3D cake.

Instead of making 3D cake, I came up with this pie for my boss' birthday.

Happy Birthday Boss, best wishes for your continuing success, JBU!!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Barbie Cake for Nadine

Received this order from Efi Andra. As Efi was busy with another order she asked me whether I would be available to help mbak Anna making birthday cake for Nadine.

The original design was Princess Ariel, but I told mbak Anna that I would be too busy to do princess Ariel. I even rejected and said not at the first time. But then Mbak Anna insisted and told me that she set me free for any kind of design.

Friday morning received a news that my causin, Dimas, passed away. I was busy the whole day for his funeral, got home around 7PM and already exhausted no more energy to do the decorating besides I was not in a good mood because of the lost.

I woke up the next morning, got my energy back and starting to decor the cake at 8AM. The whole cake was ready by 12:30PM, just right in time before the courier pick up the cake then delivered it to Melawai.

I decided to separate the cake into 2 pieces to avoid any accident during the delivery. Hope thru this picture you could imagine the whole birthday cake I made hehehe...

Glad when Anna told me that the birthday cake was a blast in the party. Thanks Anna!

Cupcakes with tools toppers

Ordered by mbak Ritta in Legenda Wisata, whose husband loves to work with tools. It's a set of 16 chocolate cupcakes with tools toppers.

Kind of fun making the toppers and as I worked alone while kids were taking a nap I could finish them less than a hour. That's fast! hahahaha...

Thanks mbak Ritta!