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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cakes of the Week

These are cakes I made during the week of 18 - 24 February 2008. I though I would love to close my kitchen for a little rest....I couldn't. So I would say I wasn't in good mood and stamina when doing it.

Double chocolate cake with cocoa dust and cherries

Chocolate slice cake white white chocolate topping & springkles

Purple and white


Pink basket flowers (again...)

Flowery cup cakes

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Barbie Cake for Mia

Mia, my best friend since college ordered barbie cake for her niece. She is absolutely a great aunty for her nieces and nephews hehehehehe...previously she ordered birthday cake for her nephes and now another birthday cake for her niece, what a lovely aunty!

Mia wanted the barbie cake wearing yellow dress and to make it more attractive I combined yellow with pink and it's turned out prettier I think.

Thank you Mia, glad to know that everyone in your family loves the cake!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pink basket flowers for Nia

Evi, a friend from NCC mailing list contacted me and asked me to bake a special birthday cake for her best friend, Nia.

The theme was pink as Nia's birthday on 15th Feb is still close to Valentine and base cake requested was chocolate devil cake, yummmy......so..here it is...pinky basket flower for Nia. Happy Birthday Day Nia!!.....and thank you Evi for the order :-)

Valentine's day orders

Winda whose birthday on 14th February, same as Valentine's day, ordered 200 slices of mini cakes to share with friends at work. As requested I made 100 strawberry cakes and 100 chocolate cakes.

Indy would like to give something special for her loves ones on this special day. She ordered cup cakes and I made new taste for the cup cakes that is beef filling cup cakes. Indy said it's delicious!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Birthday Cake for Ari

This cake was ordered by Dinar for her sister, Ari. As Jakarta and surrounding areas becoming more humid these very recent days, so it was absolutely like a pain using plastic icing or fondant for cake decorating.

Last night I did the decoration in my bed room that's airconed. But then the plastic icing got dry very quick also...oh well...finally everything was done.

Color theme is pink as requested by Dinar and I've just received message thru YM from Dinar saying that she loves the birthday cake. Glad to know that! Thank you Dinar and happy birthday for your lovely sister, Ari!

BC Decorating Class - Session 2

I was pretty much impressed with session 2 on my BC decorating class. New technics and tips I got were very useful. And I was happy with my own result.

Making flower basket was absolutely fun. I love girly things so I was more than happy learning and doing it.

Second cake was decorated with cornelis. It's easy one but also tricky...when you do it yo won't think any beauty of it at all, but when they're done...yup they are pretty! :-)

When I done doing those 2 cakes I said to myself...well...today I think I love orange!! :-)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Barbie Cake for Citta

Asih, Citta's mom was surfing the internet and found Joris' Kitchen. Attracted by Barbie cake I made before, Asih ordered barbie cake for Citta's first birthday on 10 February.

Basic cake was chocolate sponge cake with blueberry & chocolate butter cream. The barbie' skirt was also made from chocolate sponge cake. Color theme was pink and butter cream decoration.

Happy 1st birthday, Citta!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Gong Xi Fat Chai

For Chinese New Year I received some orders for cup cakes, steam brownies and baked brownies. There was nothing special on the brownie that's why I didn't take any picture of them.

The cute things are the people who ordered cup cakes didn't want fancy decoration. Chocolate decor please...they said, because we just want to enjoy the cup cakes not only to look at them...no butter cream also. Liem Tjien even sent me a sample of decoration and yes it's a simple one...ehm...that would help me a lot to finish everything quicker then :-)

Besides doing Lim Tjien and Yeni orders I also made some for my boss who also celebrates Chinese New Year.


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Big Project at the Weekend

This is one of my biggest project at weekend for 2008. Doing 3 birthday cakes, 250 mini slices cakes and savory snack (risoles). I am glad, Mbak Sri came to help so I could give the savory snack project to her 100% and I just focused on cakes.

First birthday cake was dedicated for Ruth & Jonathan's pediatric, Doctor Purnamawati whose birthday on last Saturday, 2nd February. Together with Ruth and Jonathan we decorated the cake, it was so much fun , and we made it with full of love and respect to Bunda Wati (the way we call her).

Second birthday cake was ordered by Mom Risti, a friend from We Are Mommies mailing list who ordered 7 1/2 dozens of cup cakes last year. 4th birthday cake for Rashad with Ultraman theme. Actually Mom Risti orderd for Ultraman and Power Rangers them but I was missunderstood I though it was Naruto and Ultraman, hiks....so we just left Naruto and put the Ultraman on the cake. I am glad to hear that Rashad loves the cake & everyone on the party also.

The third birthday cake was for Petrina. Petrina's Mom, Evi, found Joris' Kitchen from browsing in the internet. The theme was Winnie the Pooh and friends and basic cake was lapis surabaya covered full with chocolate ganache.
Last order was to make 250 mini slices of cakes & chicken rogout risoles. For the cakes I combine chocolate, cheese, lemon and strawberry flavor.



chicken rogout risoles

I felt so good when all was done on time. Tired...but happy :-) Thank you everyone for orders and thanks a bunch for my family who always in full support.