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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mini fruit pies for Cynthia

50 mini fruit pies for Cynthia this morning. I met Cynthia thru Facebook.

Thank you Cynthia for your order.

Ruth's 6th Birthday

My princess celebrated her birthday this month. Since a few months ago she already told me that she wanted to have a birthday cake with barbie dancing theme. She came up with this idea when she saw me making barbie dancing theme for Kezia's birthday. Since then, she always wanted the same theme. Ruth likes edible image, therefor I decided to use edible image for all princess barbie dancing figures.

This year, no chocolate cake, Ruth said. She is in love with vanilla and blueberry filling since she helped me out making vanilla fruity cake where I used vanilla sponge cake for the base and blueberry and vanilla vla for the filling. She's absolutely wanted the same thing.

For cupcakes the base cake was also vanilla. I suppose to put blueberry filling but just totally forgot doing it. Anyway....Ruth loves the pinky cuppies :-)

We didn't have a big celebration on her birthday as very typical of my daughter, she loves simple stuff. She was most happy accompanied by the grands, parents and her little brother when we had small and simple celebration for her.

Besides the cupcakes I also made some yellow rice and its condiments, and pudding in cup for the goodie bag and shared the goodie bags to our neighbors.

Happy birthday my lovely daughter, our love and pray always with you....God bless you dearly, my love!

Romantic Black Forest

Many people love black forest! I remember when I was child I was told that the best chocolate cake ever was black forest hehehe....so no wonder if this cake is last forever :-)

More order on black forest coming to my kitchen from some one who is in deeply in love. I gave some pinky & white touch to the cake to show how really in love is my customer to her :-)

I hope all my effort for him will pay off. I wish him luck and hoping that he would win her heart....oucchhhh......so sweetttt..... :-)

Black Forest Cake

More order from the US.

This time is classic black forest cake from a son living in the US for his lovely father in Jakarta.

Thank you!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

American Chocolate Devil Cake

Another american chocolate devil cake order. 2 layer of dark chocolate butter cake with filling and topping full chocolate ganache. Absolutely yummy and very chocolaty :-)

Justin's 3rd birthday cake

Continuing the fancy cookies order, Ito, Justin's mom also ordered birthday cake for Justin's 3rd birthday with Hotwheels' theme.

It's a 20cm square orange cake with butter cream and edible image. Too bad I totally forgot to take picture of the cake when the cake was still out of the box. I was busy thinking of making a special box for a tall cake and when the cake was already inside, uuppsss....no way to take it out from the box. So I just shot the cake from the bottom and I kind of mad of myself as I couldn't get the right angle.

Received text message from Ito today saying that they were happy with the cake. Thank you Ito and Kris, our love to your lovely boy!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fancy cookies with icing sugar

It has been a while since I made fancy cookies. One thing that I always enjoy making fancy cookie is I get my kids having fun with me in decorating them with icing sugar.

Ito, Justin's mom ordered some fancy cookies with icing sugar for Justin's 3rd birthday. As I have more batch, I asked Ruth and Jonathan joining me in cutting the dough and decorated them. It was just a lovely time and we will absolutely do it again for Ruth's birthday next week!

Budgeted cheddar cheese cake

Additional order from mbak Ema, cheddar cheese cake with low budget.

2 layer of sponge cake with butter cream & cheddar cheese as filling and topping.
Size 20 x 20cm. The price is only IDR 80,000

Cupcakes for Mbak Ema

Assorted chocolate cupcakes with butter cream swirls.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vanilla Fruity Cake

This order coming from the same person who ordered this Vanilla Fruity Cake for relative in Indonesia. I am glad knowing that they were happy and satisfied with the service and the cake taste. Wow!....Thank you Mr Asa.

This Vanilla Fruity Cake has been chosen by many customers and yes, this is one of my best! 3 layer of moist vanilla sponge cake with vanilla custard and blueberry jam filling, whipped cream and fresh fruits topping. No one can resist to have more and more and more!

Almond Pudding

I just love this almond pudding. One is never enough. I made these almond pudding in cups for potluck at church.

Dimitri's 4th birthday cup cake

These are the birthday cupcakes for Dimitri's 4th Birthday.
Chocolate cupcakes with blue and white swirl and Thomas edible image.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dimitri's 4th birthday cake

Sonya, Dimitri's Mom is JJ's classmate in elementary school. Because of Facebook they got connected again and last month they had reunion. In this reunion I met Sonya where then she ordered birthday cake for her son, Dimitri.

We decided to use Thomas then tank engine theme as Dimitri loves it. A chocolate triple cake with butter cream icing and thomas edible image.

I am glad when in the evening mbak Sonya called me to say thank you and gave compliments about the cake and cupcakes she ordered in the morning.

Thank you mbak Sonya, love to Dimitri!

Black Forest for mbak Mia

Previously, Mia ordered a birthday cake for a gift to her best friend's daughter. This time she ordered for herself :-)

A 24cm black forest cake which was not the real black forest one actually as Mia prefered to have blueberry jam inside instead of black cherries but I can assure you that it's yummy though. My kids prefer this kind of black forest also rather than the one with black cherries :-)

Thank you mbak Mia for your repeated order, GBU!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Princess Ariel Cake for Aurellya

Last year mbak Ika ordered the same theme but using non edible figurine topper and edible image. This year we would like to try something different.

Thank you mbak Ika and Aurell :-)

Birthday cupcake set

Ordered by mbak Dewi Lestari for her sister in Depok.

I received a nice compliment thru sms ...glad that mbak Dewi' sister loved the cupcakes. Tasted yummy...she said.

Nadia's flowery cupcakes

Besides the mickey mouse birthday cake, mbak Silvia also ordered some flowery cupcakes for Nadia's friends.