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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Matthew's Birthday Cup Cakes

Ordered by Matthew's aunty, Patty who lives in Bandung. I have known Patty for about a year and so. We met at cyber world through sehat mailing list and multiply. We have met once when me and my family went to Bandung and we are going to meet again next week in Bandung :-)

Patty ordered chocolate cup cakes with chocolate decoration and Matthew's edible image. So she wanted them half chocolate decor and half Mat's edible image. But after I finish decorating, I changed my mind. I decided to have the whole cup cakes with edible image. I think they look better.
First - the second decor of Matt's cup cakes are like this...
I decided to change them to these....I think they look better :-)

Happy Birthday Matthew, may God continue to shower you with His great love forever

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thank you cake for Joana

My mailing list friend buzz me thru YM on Thursday. She wanted to send her best friend, Joana, a thank you cake.

Too bad I have made many mistakes in decorating Joana's cake this time. The White Chocolate was too long to stay outside and that made them soft and almost all chocolate decorating that I have prepared were destroyed. Hopefully Yuniar won't be too dissapointed.

The cake itself was fabulous as I made 3 layers of chocolate moist sponge cake with mint and rhum filling.

I hope Joana would like the cake though.....

Sleepy Mood Cup Cakes

I decorated these cup cakes when I was soo sleepy this morning, didn't have much in my brain, just got it stuck.

Glad my colleague who ordered these cup cakes happy with them even though they are just "sleepy mood cup cakes."

red cherries

blue & white

another blue & white

pink and white

Monday, November 19, 2007

Cup Cakes for Tara

Last week my colleague asked me whether I would make some cup cakes decorating for his beloved daughter, Tara. I asked him whether there was a special occasion and he said, none. It's just for a little surprise for his lovely daughter. What a very nice father he is.

Tara, you should proud and happy to have a father like Bapak Sigit Suharman Ally.

Thank you Pak Sigit, it's very sweet of you!

pink & blue

red cheeries

strawberry in blue & pink

green & yellow

Birthday Cup Cakes for Yasmin

This order came from my MPer friend, Mbak Ida for her niece, Yasmin whose birthday is today.

Mbak Ida wants each cup cake has Yasmin's name on it. I tried my best to do it even though still not satisfied yet as the writing is not as good as I expected.
Hopefully Yasmin will like her birthday cup cakes. And thank you very much mbak Ida, for the order :-)

pink & purple

pink & yellow

green & yellow

blue & white

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cup Cakes for Risti (WRM)

My friend from We Are Mommies mailing list, Risti, droppep me an email 2 weeks ago ordering 84 cup cakes to be delivered on November 18th.

Wow...what a nice surprised. So I made 6 different decoratings and playing with more pastel and soft colours.

Here they are :

Orange rose

Little pink corsette in yellow

Purple in green

Pink drop flower in blue and yellow

Colourful corsettes in pink

Yellow grass and orange drop flowers

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another cup cakes decoration

Another order from my colleagues, simple and quick decoration as I was too tired to think of another idea. I made 4 sets of them. This weekend should be better though as it's a bigger order.

Chocolate Nuts Brownies

One of my colleague asked me to bake a chocolate nuts brownis for her. I rarely baked brownis, mostly I did the steamed one. But well let's try on!

Chocolate chips, almond & canari nuts all in one brownie....yumm...

Sold by Rp 30,000 / pack

Chocolate Balls - Mint Flavour

The order came from JJ's friend. She is expecting her first baby on the 22nd of November and she emailed me that before the due date she wanted to have my chocolate balls. That's very cute :-)

As she doens't consume any alcohol, I offer her some alternatives to make the taste of chocolate balls richer and she ended up with mint flavour choice. Ehm...very good choice!! I love chocolate mint too.

As I am preparing the order, I got text message from my neighbor. She wanted to order cake as she would have some guests on the next morning. I told her I didn't have much time anymore as I had to do another order but she insisted. Then I told her that I was making some chocolate balls, she was interested to try and then she ordered some.

I presented the mint chocolate balls in a plater for 50 balls. Let's imagine the taste of chocolate cake combine with chocolate ganache plus mint flavour in a ball ehm....it's heaven!

Sold by Rp 100,000 per plater.

A text message from JJ's friend after tried the mint chocolate balls from Joris Kitchen (in bahasa) : "Sudah diterima kirimannya...Makasih....ukurannya imut banget hihihihihi...Enak mint nya berasa....seger...." (The package has been received....thank you....the size is small and cute....great taste of mint...fresh...)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Premium Pandan Cheese Steamed Brownies

Premium Pandan Cheese Steamed Brownies has extra cheddar cheese for topping...for cheese lover, this just perfect!

It's sold by Rp 35,000 / pack

Premium Chocolate Steamed Brownies

I am glad that finally I could do something more with my steamed brownis to make it prettier. I owe so much with steamed brownies, without it there won't be any Joris' Kitchen for public.

The chocolate steamed brownies edition is rich with chocolate taste. On the top of brownies I put butter cream and dark chocolate topping to make the taste richer and to make the look nicer, some red cherries could help.

This premium chocolate steamed brownies is sold by Rp 35,000 / pack

I received a neat testemony from Uwi Yuli's nephew, Fabian (in bahasa) :

dari si bule fabian, gini ngomongnya : "tante uwi, tolong bilang ya sama temennya tante uwi yang bikin kue ini, kuenya enak sekali. biasanya aku tidak bisa makan kue banyak-banyak. tapi yang ini different. jadi tolong sampaikan sama miss joris, nanti kalo aku ke sini 4 tahun lagi, mudah2an masih bikin kue ini"

Many thanks to you Fabian! :-)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Birthday Cup Cakes for Veda

I received the order on Thursday night from Mila, Veda's mom. I thought I wouldn't be able to do it, but thanks to my dearest best friends ; Mbak Yuli, Efi, Nilam Sari & Mbak Vita who have supported me. Finally I could finish the order in time.
The color theme for Veda's birthday cup cakes is blue as her first name is Azura, means Blue. Besides using blue color for the butter cream, I also put blue mickey mouse tape to give more blue sense for the packing.

Mila was happy with the cup cakes and the next day I received sms from Mila saying that guests were happy with the cup cakes.

Here is Mila sms in bahasa : "Sukses Mbak. Tamunya seneng, tapi gak tega mau makannya...Thanks ya Mbak. Salam dari Veda buat Kak Ruth & Jo."

You are very welcome, Mila...many thanks to give us a chance to be part of Veda 2st birthday party :-)

Veda's birthday cup cakes


Joris' Kitchen's Label

Jeffry's 38th Birthday Cake

To celebrate Jeffry's 38th Birthday, I made a special chocolate cake for him.
2 layers of moist chocolate sponge cake with blueberry and ganache filling....topping, full ganache.
I didn't do too much decorating for his birthday cake as he didn't want to. He prefers simple but tasty and yummy....soo...here it isss....

Ehm...chocolate lovers......dare to try??? *wink wink*

Joris' Kitchen Cookies - Lidah Kucing Keju / Cheese

Lidah Kucing Keju (Cheese)

Sold by Rp 50,000 / jar - 400 gr

Joris' Kitchen Cookies - Lidah Kucing Mocca

Lidah Kucing Mocca
Sold by Rp 40,000 / jar - 400gr

Joris' Kitchen Cookies - Lidah Kucing Original

Lidah kucing or Cat Tongue or Katetong..krispy..many people love it and can't stop munching on it :-) This one is the original taste.

Sold by Rp 40,000 / jar - 400gr