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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Macaroni Scottel in bigger size

I made bigger size for macaroni schottel. It's available for size 20cm x 20cm and the price is Rp 60,000.

If you want to request for bigger size than 20cm just let me know :-)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Macaroni Scottel & Chocolate Steamed Brownie

Last night I continued to work on Macaroni Scottel and Chocolate Steamed Brownie's orders. It's kind of good order as you can do it both at the same time, baking while steaming then done at the same time, how neat!

Macaroni Scottel is @ Rp 8,000 with minimum order 10 cups when you are the only one order on the day :-)

Chocolate steamed brownie is @ Rp 25,000 with minimum order 2.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Chocolate Cornflake Balls

A new product from Joris' Kitchen. Chocolate Cornflake balls. The combination for white chocolate and dark chocolate in cornflakes and nuts. One is never enough :-) I made 100 for the catering last weekend, had some left over at home and I just forgot my calorie diet hahaha...

Chocolate cornflake ball @ Rp 2,500 with minimum order 30

Donuts again....

Afer posting my donuts in blog for Donut's Week NCC event, I received donuts order. Very interesting to see that many people are back to love home made donuts. Yes, donut is always good for any occasion...kids and adults, they just love donuts.

This donut with cheee topping is @ Rp 2,500 with minimun order 10.

This donut with chocolate meises topping is @ Rp 2,500 with minimum order 10.

The plain donut or only topped with dusting sugar is @ Rp 2,000 with minimum order 10.

Quiche Lorraine

For the catering, I made 100 mini quiche lorraines. The rich flavour comes from the rich ingredients, they are are mushrooms, chicken, chicken sausage, onion, butter, cheddar cheese, egg yolk and milk.

The mini version is @ Rp 4,000 with minimum order 30.

I made bigger version that comes out in 10cm round aluminium pan. The price is @ Rp 8,000.

Mini fruit pies in rhum vla

Joris' Kitchen always provides HALAL products. Non halal products only made by request.

For these 100 mini fruit pies, as requested, I used rhum vla and strawberres, kiwis and peaches for the topping.

For halal version you may order vanilla vla or strawberry vla or any kind of fruit flavour vla as you wish.

This mini fruit pie is @ Rp 4,000 with minimum order 30.

Mini cup cakes

Last weekend I was full with mini snacks order for catering buffet. I made 400 pieces of petit four. There were 4 kinds of petit four, the first one was : mini cute cuppies.

The 100 cute mini cuppies made of chocoalte cupcakes decorated with pink butter cream in strawberry flavour and fondant.

Wanna order the same thing? Mini cuppies @ Rp 4,500 with minimum order 30 pcs.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's cake

My valentine's cake this year made of chocolate steamed brownie with dark chocolate topping. Simple decoration but meaningful and sweet :-)

Happy Valentine's day everyone!

God bless you all and always remember that I love you because HE LOVES ME FIRST :-)

Donut's Week NCC

I participated the Donut's Week held by Natural Cooking Club Indonesia (NCC). It's absolutely a fun week to see many kind of donuts made by NCC members.

My kids loved this donuts very much, they even asked for more every day! hahaha...It's potato donuts by NCC and the recipe is here: (sorry..it's in bahasa)

500 gr tepung terigu protein tinggi
50 gr susu bubuk
11 gr ragi instant
200 gr kentang, kukus, haluskan dan dinginkan
100 gr gula psir
75 gr mentega
½ sdt garam
4 btr kuning telur
100 ml air dingin

Cara membuatnya:

Dalam wadah, campur tepung terigu, gula, susu bubuk, ragi instant, aduk rata, masukkan kentang halus ,tuang telur dan air dingin, uleni hingga rata dan setengah kalis.
Beri mentega dan garam, uleni terus hingga kalis elastis. Istirahatkan 15 menit.
Bagi adonan, masing-masing 50 gr, bulatkan. Diamkan 20 menit, hingga mengembang.
Lubangi tengahnya, menjadi bentuk donat, segera goreng sampai kuning kecoklatan.
Angkat, tiriskan. Taburi gula donat, atau hias dengan coklat.

Yummmyyy.......and to check on the Donut's Week report hosted by mbak Camelia, you may check this one!

Kezia's Cuppies

Additional for Kezia's birthday was the cuppies.

12 chocolate steamed brownie cuppies with butter cream icing, flowery and edible image decoration.

Happy Happy Birthday Kakak Kezia, Jesus bless you always!

Kezia's 7th Birthday Cake - Princess Ariel

Lisa, Kezia's mom, I met thru mailing list since 3 or 4 years ago? and we've been good friends in cyber world since then even though never met each other in the real world until today :-)

Lisa ordered a birthday cake for Kezia's 7th birthday. As Kezia goes to the same school as Ruth and Jonathan is SKK III, Legenda Wisata, Lisa decided to stop bye and pick up the birthday cake by herself. Too bad I didn't get chance to meet her as I already left very early in ther morning to work.

I made 20cm square double chocolate rich cake with edible image of Kezia & princess Ariel. This time I wanted to play with fondant, seemed fun and always giving me a new idea for the decoration.

I'm glad Liza and Kezia loved the cake. Thank you Lisa for your order. Hope we will meet face to face in the future. My love for Kezia always! :-)

Colorful cuppies for Alisha

Mbak Ani, Alisha's mom got recommendation about my cupcakes from mbak Uut, Aurora's mom who ordered cupcakes from me a few weeks ago. They are sisters :-)

This time mbak Ani, ordered 30 chocolate cupcakes with butter cream icing, flowers and butterflies decoration. Mbak Ani also asked for bright red, pink and lollypop swirls.

I made 2 kind of packings for the cuppies. 1 set of 12 cupcakes with and individual packing on micka for the rest of cuppies.

Thank you mbak Ani for your order....thanks for stopped by at my home...it as really nice meeting you and Alisha :-)

Chocolate Steamed Brownie for Nestle

Nestle, one of the biggest companies in consumer product ordered 500 slices of my chocolate steamed brownie for their event in Borobudur Hotel thru their EO.

I was thrilled receiving this order as it was the biggest order I've received in the early of 2009 besides it's been sometimes I didn't make steamed brownie. As you know I started my baking business with chocolate steamed brownie then continuing with 2 other varieties of steamed brownies, pandan cheese and black sticky rice.

Thank you Nestle :-)

More apple pie :-)

More on apple pie. This time I used the combination of local apples and imported apples (granny smith). It really gave a new richer taste!

Wanna try, you know where to order :-)

Mickey Mouse & friends theme for Jason (edible image)

Mr A is one of my loyal customer. This time he ordered birthday cake for his beloved son, Jason, in a very last minute.

I made 24 square of triple chocolate rich cake with butter cream icing for Jason and as I only had less than 24 hours, I suggested Mr A for using edible image for the decoration and he agreed. Thank you to Zakie for the cute design, I just loved it!

Thank you Mr A for your order and again, Happy Birthday Jason!