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Sunday, April 27, 2008

1st Birthday Cup Cake for Isabelle

Here are 1st birthday cup cakes for Isabelle, Ingkan's daughter. I met Ingkan thru sehat mailing list, We Are Mommies mailing list and multiply.

The favors of the cup cakes are vanilla with chocolate chips filling, vanilla with cheese filling, plain strawberry, and strawberry with strawberry paletta filling. Decoration using Isabelle edible image, butter cream and flowers that made from fondant.

Again, happy 1st birthday Isabelle!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Colorful Flowery Cup Cakes

Colorful flowery cup cakes I made for my husband's colleague...an immediate order and I couldn't say anything except YES hahhahhahaha....

To refresh : Brownie & Steamed Brownie

Just to refresh your memory that my kitchen was started by steamed brownie and I do still receiving steamed brownie and brownie orders these day even not as many as 2 year ago.

For Brownie there are 2 choices of flavor :

Chocolate chips & nuts for Rp 32,500 each

Chocolate chips and raisin for Rp 32,500 each

And for steamed brownie, there are 4 choices of flavor

Chocolate black forest for Rp 35,000 each

Pandan & cheese for Rp 35,000 each

Black sticky rice for Rp 35,000 each

Chocolate & cheese Rp 35,000 each (no pic yet)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nastami's bdck touched up version

Nastami's mother, Heni, told me that she wanted her son birthday cake to be more colorful. Is it possible to do it before the birthday party? Well, a neighbour who lives a cross the road can be long lasting customer so I said...YES, ABSOLUTELY!

Then we had a little discussion about what actually she wanted, and I did what she wanted and she was very pleased after the touched up. Of course this service is free of charge. I did this as part of my service to make my customer happy.

Again, Happy 3rd Birthday Nastami!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Nastami's Birthday cakes

Nastami, a little boy who lives a cross the road celebrates his 3rd birthday today. His mother asked me to make 2 birthday cakes for him.

1st little birthday cake is for blowing the candle at home. I made this little birthday cake from 22cm round vanilla sponge cake with vanilla butter cream and strawberry paletta filling.

2nd birthday cake is for celebrating Nastami's birthday at school. His mother requested for 3D lighting Mc Queen cake with 30cm square base cake. Wow!....I have never made a 3D cake before, but I decided to say yes to her I take it as a challenge. So here it is...a 3D Lighting Mc Queen for Nastami. Not perfect yet, still needs improvement but as I made it for the very first time I think it's okay hehehehehehe.....

The Lighting Mc Queen made of chocolate butter cake and basic cake is 30cm square chocolate sponge cake with chocolate butter cream and blueberry paletta.

Mini Fruit Pie

This mini fruit pie is one of my favorite......a favorite sweet snack for order too in my kitchen :-)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Assorted Cup Cakes for Sofie NCC

I received calls and sms from Sofie, a friend from NCC mailing list. Sofie lives not too far from my house in Cibubur area but unfortunately we've never met each other yet. Sofie ordered 2 dozens of cup cakes for her sister and best friend's birthday.

Sofie mentioned that her sister doesn't liket girly things, she is more a tomboy so the cup cakes should not be flowery or other girly theme. Well, that's a big hard for me as I am so the apposite, I love girly stuff! Therefore last night my made my husband to accompany me in decorating cup cakes for Sofie' sister to give me some idea in color and decorating. Well...worked well enough and I hope Sofie' sister will like them.

It's not too difficult to decorate the other dozen for Sofie's friend as the theme is girly :-)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Juan & Kelly Birthday Cake

One day, after I posted barbie cake I made for Ruth, some one from New Zealand emailed me saying that she wanted me to make the same barbie cake for her niece in Jakarta. Later on, Nina ordered 2 birthday cakes for Juan and Kelly, her nephew and niece whose birthday is today, April 14th.

Juan's birthday cake

24cm square of chocolate devil cake decorated whipped cream and chocolate ganache. Theme : Juan & Naruto.

It's pretty tricky using whipped cream for decoration. I even forgot to cover the edible image with white chocolate to make it able to store in the refrigerator. So after finishing the decoration for Juan's birthday cake, I keep Juan's cake in my kids' bedroom which is airconditioned to keep the whipped cream stable and not melted because of the high humidity.

Kelly's birthday cake

A barbie cake with color theme pink and white. I couldn't make exactly the same barbie cake as I made for Ruth. I didn't know why...I just couldn't....I decided to change some designs and did a different hair do also for the barbie. I hope Nina won't mind with it.

My biggest mistake was I didn't realized that the cake plate I bought was too small to put the barbie cake together with Kelly's cup cakes. So on delivery I put a note that actually the cup cakes go together with the barbie cake on display.

Nina, thank you very much for your believe in me...I hope those birthday cakes will brighten Juan & Kelly's day.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

G & R Love Cup Cakes

There was G who contacted me thru email at first, asking about my cup cakes. After a few discussion via email, then she ordered 2 dozens of love cup cakes to celebrate her 1st dating anniversary with her boyfriend, R, on last Sunday.

1 dozen of chocolate cup cakes, decorated with butter cream and chocolate topping with G & R initial.

And another one dozen of vanilla cup cakes with a simple and neat decoration using plastic icing and red cheries :-)

The vanilla cup cakes came with 3 soft colors, pink, soft yellow and white....very sweet combination :-)

For me, G is a very romantic person....and that really touches my heart....therefore I made these cup cakes with all my heart also *wink*

I wish the best for G & R, hope you both will be happy ever after.

Here is a text message I received from G on Sunday afternoon (sorry part of the text message is in bahasa) :

"Hi mbak, cup cakes nya udah aku terima, taste good and looking cute, thanks ya. Til next time"

You are the most welcome, G....my best regard to R :-)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

DHL Cup Cakes

Finally I made special cup cakes for the company I work for :-)

Mini sliced Cake

Mini sliced cake is always fit to any occasion, therefore recently I have been receiving many orders for mini sliced cake.

You may have them for any kind of meetings, gatherings, parties, etc....

These are mini sliced cake I made this week. Basic cakes were sponge cake and butter cake.
black forest


chocolate cream