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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Anniversary cake

Order from Lisa Liem for her beloved uncle and aunty on their 26th Anniversary.

Basic cake was yummy strawberry cake with whipping cream icing and edible image of the wedding 26 years ago, wow!! Thank you for Zakie who has done a good job in touching up the old picture, it turned out nice!

Thank you Lisa for your order, hope the cake meets your expectation :-)

Banana Fruity Cake

This was order from mbak Betsty. Banana cake with chocolate ganache and fresh fruits topping.

There was a missed understanding between me and mbak Betsy. I didn't get her poin for the candles. I should have asked her earlier or reconfirmed her whether she needed candles or not. As she didn't clearly mentioning her request I didn't put any candles. My deep apologize mbak Betsy.

It was the first time for me to try this kind of fresh fruit arrangement. Not my style but just trying and I don't think I will do it anymore. I prefer to have everything in order. It's just not my style.

Thank you mbak Betsy.

Black Forest Cake for the Karwur's

Oder from the US for beloved family in Bekasi, the Karwur's. Yes, black forest is always be the best cake for any occasion :-)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Double Chocolate Cake for Opung

Order from Germany for beloved Opung in Jakarta. Happy Birthday Opung!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Number One Cake for Alea

I am so thrilled to get a chance to make a number one cake for Alea. Alea's aunty is my colleague at work, Ana. The sweet Aunty would like to give a birthday present for Alea's first birthday, so sweetttt :-)

Ana chose the number one cake. It's double chocolate cake with basic cake one layer of chocolate butter cake. Decorating using butter cream for as the family don't like fondant, but I put some fondat decorating to make the cake nicer and they were okay with it.

I ejoyed decorating this kind of girly cake even though not really that girly as Alea's mother didn't want to have any kind of flower on the cake.

Thank you very much Ana for your order. Happy birthday to Alea!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Cupcakes for Regine's Birthday

36 mini cupcakes for Regine's 3rd birthday.

I like this kind of cupcakes set. So sweet and everything is just aligned in one theme, very sweet!

Chocolate Cake for Kayla's Father

This order coming from Kayla's mother. Kayla is Ruth's classmate in SKK III. When Kayla's mom knew that I am working mother also a baker, she ordered this cake for her husband birthday.

Simple chocolate cake for loving husband and father. Thank you Natalia and Kayla. God Bless!

Chocolate Double Cake

I launched the new decorating look for this chocolate double cake early this year and it's becoming a star.

The new look is nicer, no wonder many people start ordering this cake. It's 2 layer of moist chocolate sponge cake which moisten with vanilla syrup and rich chocolate ganache filling. Fully and nicely covered with melted ganache and finishing with full chocolate decor.

So don't wait to long, start to place your order now....my contact details and how to order you can see it in the right side of my blog :-)

Barbie Cake for Kezia

This was the second time Lisa Sapulette Dobrik ordered birthday cake for her lovely daughter Kezia. The theme this year is Barbie.

As Kezia doesn't like chocolate cake, I made her cheese butter cake with cream cheese and lemon. Decorating using full fondant or plastic icing.

Happy birthday lovely Kezia and thank you Lisa for your repeated order.

Wedding Cake for Yorri & Linda

Thank you dear Lord, finally You have answered my prayer! I have been wanting to receive Wedding Cake order since years ago because Wedding Cake is something different. It takes all about different skill and technic. So when I got a phone call from Ibu Yola, Yorri's aunt about wedding cake order I was so excited and nothing else to say than YES!

3 layers of cake with pink and blue theme. The first layer in the bottom was dummy cake, second and top layer were Lapis Surabaya Cake with fondant/plastic icing topping with some gumpaste flowers and fresh flowers.

I was so excited and full of energy doing my first wedding cake. Very happy to know that every one loved the cake. Thank you, thank you so much for my husband, kids and best friends who gave me full support in doing it. Can't thank enough to all of you. I love you all.

I hope after this, there will be more wedding cake order as I need to practice more and be more creative :-)

Monday, March 01, 2010

Joris' Kitchen in Tabloid Lezat

After hard work in the past 5 years finally one of national culinary magazine posted an article about myself and my kitchen. Yes, Joris' Kitchen was in Tabloid Lezat special edition no. 10, 2010.

They made a report about Tiramisu Cake in special design for Valentine's Day. Thank you Tabloid Lezat!