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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Triple Chocolate Chilled Cheese Cake - Mother's Day

The second cake for Mother's Day today.

Still order from overseas. The message from the daughter to her mother was really touching my heart...how the daughter feel was really written in her message.

As the weather was not too good, I decided to call the mother before ADA courier left my home to delivery the cake. I just want to let her know that there might be a delay as the weather wasn't nice, etc. I could feel the happy feeling but also the deep missing feeling from the mother to her daughter when talking to her. Oh dear...today I just feel so blessed that God has made me to be a love bridge among loving and caring people thru my cakes.

Happy Mother's Day, Mommies!!

Tiramisu Mother's Day

22 December is Mother's Day in Indonesia. I am glad that my cakes have become a love bridge between children and mothers.

An overseas order came to me 2 weeks before the Mother's Day. The daughter sent this tiramisu cake for her lovely mother in Tangerang. When I wrote the personal message from the daughter for her mother in the card that I provided, I was on tears....the message was so beautiful. I could understand how they are feeling right now. Being thousand miles apart is not easy.

This morning Jakarta and suburb was raining very hard but my courier partner commited very well with their service. They kept going to deliver the cake and it took almost 4 hours from Cibubur to Tangerang to delivery this tiramisu as the Tangerang area was flooding.

I talked to the mother who received the cake this afternoon on the phone. She was really appreciated the courier effort. Salluuutttt to ADA Courier Team!!!! The mother said she's happy to receive the cake from the daughter as they haven't met each other for such a long time. Suddenly....I miss my mom too....

Cheddar Cheese Cake - Christmas

Cheddar Cheese Cake as a Christmas Gift. Order came from family in the US for their love ones in Jakarta.

It's 2 layer of moist sponge cake with cream cheese and cheddar cheese filling. The topping also cream cheese and shreded cheddar cheese. Perfect choice for a cheese lover!

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Ben 10 for Raffa's 5th Birthday

Mbak Indah, one of my loyal customer in Raffles Hills, ordered this Ben 10 theme for her son, Raffa. It's double chocolate cake with butter cream icing and Ben 10 edible image.

Thank you very much mbak Indah for your order.

Happy 5th Birthday Raffa!

Barbie Cake for Dhiya

Order from the US for the love ones in Jakarta. It has been a while I didn't make any barbie cake. So when I received this order, it was kind of refreshing my skill hehehe...

Chocolate butter cake as the base cake, covered with fully fondant.

Benedicta's Birthday Cake (2)

This was the second birthday cake I made for Benedicta's 1st Birthday. It was sent a week later after the first cake.

The second cake was same size as the first one. It's 40 x 40cm square double chocolate cake. And the second party was also held at the Orphanage's home, ofcourse the different orphanage's home from the first one.

The testimony from Benedicta's mom was very relieved. They satisfied with the cake, they said it's yummy and very chocolaty!

Christmas Cupcakes

A new cupcake flavour from Joris' Kitchen in Christmas Season.....vanilla mint cupcakes!

I got the recipe from Oprah.com, it's originally recipe from sprinkles cupcakes. I modified a bit the recipe and it turned out just perfect! The mixed flavour between mint and vanilla just delicious and perfect for Christmas season. I made bunch of them as part of christmas goodie bag for the orphanage children plus made some more to enjoy by myself and family :-)

I made mint flavour for the butter cream frosting and decorated it with Christmas edible images. Looks so fascinating!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

X-mas goodie bags for Orphanage's children

Christmas is always the best time to share to others. Not only to your love ones but also to other people around you.

This was an order for a company who celebrated Christmas with orphanage's children. 80 goodie bags and each paper bag contains of christmas chocolate lollypop, christmas cupcake, chocolate pudding in cup, fruit juice, and 2 kind of savory snack that were lemper (sticky rice that has chicken shreded in it and wrapped with banana leaves) and risoles.

Benedicta's Birthday Cake (1)

Benedicta's mom, ordered 2 big chocolate cakes for Benedicta's birthday. Both cakes are chocolate cakes. Just a simple decoration and has Benedicta's name on it, asked her mom.

First cake was sent 2 days after Benedicta's birthday. They celebrated Benedicta's birthday at orphanage's home. It's 40 x 40cm square double chocolate cake.

Happy birthday Benedicta, may God continue to bless you!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Christmas 2009 Sale!

Dear pelanggan yang terkasih,

untuk menyambut Natal 2009 berikut ini adalah daftar cake yang dapat dipesan sebagai bingkisan maupun hantaran Natal:

Christmas decorative cake dengan lapisan fondant (plastic icing) dan hiasan edible image Natal yang aman untuk dikonsumsi.
Cake : lapis surabaya diameter 20cm - Rp 280,000
Cake : double chocolate or vanilla cake diamter 20cm - Rp 255,000

Tripe chocolate chilled cheese cake;
3 lapisan cheese chocolate cake dalam 3 rasa yang lembut dan menggoda...sepotong saja tak akan pernah cukup.
Diameter 22cm
Harga Rp 265,000

Double chocolate cake;
Rich, chocolaty, moist and yummy. Perfect choice for chocolate lovers.
Diameter 20cm
Harga Rp 215,000

Classic cheddar cheese cake;
Cake yang ringan dan lembut dipadu dengan citarasa cream cheese yang rich dan taburan keju cheddar parut yang nggak basa basi. Sangat cocok untuk para pecinta keju.
Diameter 20cm
Harga Rp 215,000

Classic Black Forest;
Cake yang kelezatan dan kehadirannya dalam setiap kesempatan tak pernah lekang oleh waktu. Selalu cocok dihadirkan dalam setiap suasa kemeriahan dan keakraban yang penuh cinta di keluarga anda.
Diameter 20cm
Harga Rp 215,000

Hanya satu kata: YUMMY and you won't be dissapointed!
Bentuk hati, ukuran 20cm
Harga Rp 235,000

Chocolate fruity cake;
Cake coklat dan lapisan chocolate ganache nya yang rich berpadu dengan kesegaran buah.
Diameter 20cm
Harga Rp 250,000

Vanilla fruity cake;
Vanilla cake yang lembut dan moist dipadu dengan whipped cream yang ringan dan segarnya buah.
Diameter 20cm
Harga Rp 250,000

Peach Cinnamon Cake
Jenis cake keluaran terbaru dari Joris' Kitchen. Paduan kayu manis, buah peach dan manisnya madu, sangat tepat sebagai hantaran penuh kasih di Natal yang manis dan penuh keceriaan.
Diameter 20cm, tinggi 5cm
Harga Rp 180,000

Brownis coklat kukus
Ukuran 20 x 20 x 4cm
Harga Rp 80,000

Brownis pandan kejuUkuran 20 x 20 x 4cm
Harga Rp 90,000
*) gambar sesuai ukuran belum tersedia

Cake Tape Ukuran 20 x 20 x 4cm
Harga Rp 80,000
*) gambar sesuai ukuran belum tersedia

*) Gambar kue diatas beberapa adalah contoh gambar untuk pesan dan hiasan kue tentunya akan disesuaikan dengan tema Natal tahun ini.
*) Kemasan kue semuanya akan menggunakan dus mika eksklusif dengan hiasan Natal menyesuaikan.
*)Harga diatas belum termasuk ongkos kirim. Ongkos kirim mulai Rp 50,000.
*)Pemesanan untuk Natal dibuka mulai dengan hari ini - tanggal 20 Desember 2009. *)Delivery terakhir pesanan kue adalah hari Kamis, 24 Desember 2009.
*)Semua pesanan harap di alamatkan ke email: joriskitchen@gmail.com *)Pembayaran DP harus dilakukan seminggu sebelum tanggal delivery dan pelunasan sudah harus dilakukan 3 hari sebelum delivery.
*)Pertanyaan lebih lanjut mengenai produk kue yang lain seperti kue kering dan cupcakes dll, bisa menghubungi 0838 9464 3888.

Terima kasih,

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Fruit Pie for Mom's birthday

An order from Egypt for beloved Mom's birthday in Indonesia. Really touching....and it's really my priviledge to become a love bridge among them.

It's been a while for me not making fruit pie, so I was really enjoying my time assembling the fruits. Very fresh and yummy!

Triple Chocolate Rich Cake

This cake is always be the best choice for a chocolate lover really makes your mouth watering hehehehehe....

I am kind of bored with the old design so I played with the new one hehehehe...hope my customer doesn't mind *wink*

Peach & Cinnamon Cake

Another try in my kitchen taken from Cakes & Cake Decorating, Step by Step by Angela Nilsen, Sarah Maxwell & Janice Murfitt. I got this book from Meilina and I just love everything in it especially those unique recipes.

I was inspired by Pear & Cardamon Spice Cake when finally ended up with Peach and Cinnamon Cake.

The cake was sent for my dearest best friend birthday who always interested in some unique veggies & fruits cake recipes. Glad everyone who enjoyed the cake was happy, they said it's yummy...the top cake gives a sensational flavour and the cake itself is yummy.

Triple Chocolate Chilled Cheese Cake

Yummmyyyy!!! there is only one word to describe this cake. Triple chocolate chilled cheese cake is a very tasty and rich cheese cake. Ordered from Spain and Germany to their beloved father's birthday in Indonesia.

Happy birthday Papa!

Tape Cake (Fermented cassava cake)

After I launched a new produch that is Tape Cake, my kitchen becoming busy every day baking tape cake. Indonesians love tape very much. Do you want to try?....it's really worth to try. The perfect combination of tape, butter and milk will give you a great new sensation with tape cake.

Only Rp 40,000 per pax, delivery charge excluded.


It's been some times I didn't bake brownie. It's order from Mbak Diana. Still not 100% satisfied with the result. I have been thinking of doing another method in baking this brownie, with the same recipe I am pretty sure it will turn out much better than this.

Looking for a new experiment and hopefully by this week.

Classic Black Forest for Tommy

Classic black forest is always good for birthday gift. This time, a birthday gift from sisters & brothers in the US for Tommy in Indonesia.

Happy Birthday, Tommy!

Classic cheese cake for Idul Adha 2009

It's the first time for me to receive order for Idul Adha. A Classic Cheese cake sent with love from the US for relatives in Indonesia.

I was so thrilled when received feedback from them. I am glad my customer was really satisfied.