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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Music theme cupcakes

Next order from Eini, Kezia's mom for today is 16 cupcakes with music theme decoration. Eini wants each cupcake is decorated colorful with music ornament figurine. It's only 16 cupcakes but really took 4 hours for me to make the figurines!

While making the figurines I watched the DVD of my idol, David Foster, in his special concert of David Foster and Friends. 4 hours with in the early morning with full of music spirit arounded me :-)

I know that what I've done is not the best yet but at least my Jonathan could tell what it was this morning, hahahahaha....so here they are:





Hope I would have another chance to make those figurines much better in the future since I am kind of enjoy doing them.

My special thanks to Eini and Ari for their special order for Kezia's birthday. God bless!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kezia's 4th Birthday Cupcakes

Kezia's Mom, Eini also ordered bunch of cupcakes. Eini came out with different kind design but all in vanilla flavour.

Pink and blue of barbie dancing cupcakes

Then purple and yellow cupcakes with red and yellow flowers

And purple and blue cupcakes with chocolate candies and silver sprinkles.

Happy birthday Kezia!

Kezia's 4th Birthday Cake

It's been 3 years Ari and Eini becoming my loyal customer. Since their cute daughter's 2nd birthday they always ordered the birthday cake and cupcakes from Joris' Kitchen. Last Tuesday was Kezia's 4th Birthday. For her birthday this year, Kezia chose Barbie Dancing's Theme for her birthday cake.

I cam out with idea of using standing edible image but unfortunately it was difficult to find the right pictures of the 12 princess in the internet. So I asked Zakie, the edible maker, whether we could grab some pictures from the movie and Zakie said yes, yippie!

When my daughter, Ruth, saw this cake she said: I wanna the same thing for my birthday, Mama!! hahahahaha...just like Ruth, I love barbie princess series, as usually they have great music theme for each movie. The best music theme according to my own judgement is Princess and Pauper and Barbie Princess 12 Dancing is in the second place :-)

I am glad that Kezia loves her birthday cake soo much! I made her 22cm square of triple chocolate rich cake as the base cake. Thank you dek Eini and Ari for your trust. Love you always dear cutie Kezia, God bless you all!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Barbie Cake for Maudy

What a nice surprise knowing that some body from Cayman Island has found my blog and put an order of barbie doll cake. It's mbak Wiwi who lives and working in Cayman Island. I know about Cayman Island only from the movie so it's nice to know mbak Wiwi. From mbak Wiwi I am getting to know more about Cayman Island :-)

For the base cake, I made triple chocolate cake and chocolate butter cake for the barbie skirt. All in pink and fondant icing. Mbak Wiwi sent me some pictures of barbie doll cake designs and asked me to combine the design. So I came up with this...I would say I like the combination of pink color, don't you think they are pretty?

I took picture the details of the back side of the barbie gown as mbak Wiwi likes the butterfly design a lot.

Thank you very much mbak Wiwi...glad to know that the family in Kebayoran loves the barbie cake.

(suppose to be) Barbie Mariposa for Chacha

It was a nice surprise to receive a call from mbak Tuti Magdalena. It's been 2 years Mbak Tuti becoming Joris' Kitchen customer. After checking my posting about Barbie Mariposa for Caca, mbak Tuti ordered the similar one for her daughter that has same name as Devi's nama. Chacha...pronounce the same with Caca but different spelling.

The difference is Devi provided the butterfly wings and mbak Tuti asked me to make it from edible image. I was thinking of stereoform to form the butterfly shape but mbak Tuti prefers using chocolate. So I tried to cover the edible image with chocolate and it becomes too heavy to be put on. I was kind of mad at myself but the no time anymore to make the new wings using stereoform.

I'd like to apologize to mbak Tuti that I have dissapointed them as the barbie cake turned becoming Mariposa without wings.

Anyway, thank you very much mbak Tuti for your loyal order and as usual, mbak Tuti is a vanilla butter cake lover so the base cake for Chacha's birthday all is deep yummy vanilla butter cake. As mbak Tuti doesn't really care about fondant, for the base cake I used butter cream icing instead.

Black Forest Cake for Antien

Order from Mbak Antien for her own birthday last Saturday. It's a 22cm of black forest cake. One of the classic cakes that last forever and most people love it.

This black forest cake is also nice for Lebaran gift. So if you are thinking of lebaran gift cake, black forest could be the choice and absolutely you can order at Joris' Kitchen. Joris' Kitchen always provides the halal cakes, snack and pastry.

Thank you mbak Antien, happy birthday and GBU!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vanilla Fruity Cake

Good morning everyone!
I am getting more excited and positively optimist with my online stor. I am thanking God for His blessing, He is just always awesome and so good to me. Thank you Lord! And to my family and friends who have been very supportive and caring, I love you all dearly. Just can't live without you all!

This vanilly fruity cake is ordered to be sent this morning to Pejaten as a birthday gift. Vanilla fruity cake is just a perfect choice for a gift. A three 3 layer of vanilla sponge cake with vanilla custard and blueberry filling, whipped cream topping and fresh fruits. Absolutely yummy!

Wanna order the same cake? email me at joriskitchen@gmail.com or text me at +62 817 985 2792 or +62 838 900 70703. Thank you and have a blessed day!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Barbie Mariposa for Caca

Order from Devi, a wonderful mother that has really amazed me! hahahaha....I can tell that Devi and husband really loves Caca and always do everything to make her happy. I was so excited knowing that Devi was really well prepared for Caca's birthday party on Sunday. Since a few month ago Devi has already sent me a message that she would order a barbie cake for Caca and they chose Barbie Mariposa.

Devi even prepared the barbie doll by herself and it's the original one that cost the same as the cake! If I usually mutilated the doll to be put on the cake, this time I didn't have a guts to do it. The original barbie mariposa was too precious to be mutilated, so I just made a whole to stand the barbie mariposa. Decoration using full fondant and as requested everything should be major in pink with a little bit of purple and white. I added some yellow and green to make it more fascinating.

As Caca loves chocolate, so everything was chocolate. I made triple chocolate rich cake for the base cake and double chocolate cake for the barbie skirt. As usual for a safety delivery I never combine between the base cake and barbie cake. I asked Devi to do it by herself later on right before the party starts. It's a very easy thing to do and so far my customers could do it by themselves.

After the birthday party Devi sms me and said that everyone loves the cake. The chocolate cake was delicious and just perfect, matched with their taste. So glad to hear that.

Thank you Devi!

Flower Basket for Yanti

Order from Kathrin & friends for their friend in BSD, Yanti. It's a flower basket and you know what, I was totally forgot how to make the basket. Glad I remember that I have a decorating book that has a picture of how to make the basket, even though it's not step by step book but it's pretty good to refresh my memory.

As Yanti is a big fan of chocolate, I made her 22cm round of triple chocolate cake. For the decoration I mixed it between butter cream and fondant. For the basket I made chocolate ganache butter cream, it's yummy. I just love this flower basket, looks nice and just perfect as a gift cake, don't you think?

Thank you Kathrin and friends :-)

Mini fruit pie birthday for Eyang

Order from Evi in Aussie for mother in law birthday. Evi ordered 1 set mini fruit pies with a birthday wording from chocolate.

As her in law doesn't like sweet stuff, I made different kind of vanilla with not only cutting the sugar but also added some cheddar cheese grated. It tasted more yummy and cheesy.

Thank you Evi for your order, glad that Eyang Kupu loves the fruit pies :-)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chocolate Cake

There are so many kind of chocolate cakes. Anytime I made chocolate cake I almost always got a new idea of how to make it different.

When some one said, "up to you" actually it can be good or headache hehehe....The mood is one factor. When people said "up to you" and we're in a good mood then no problem. Now imagine that you're not in a good mood, not 100% fit then people said "up to you"...for me, I would prefer to go back to my hide under my blanket and continue sleeping rather than finishing the cake, hahahahah!

It's been 2 days I only had about 2 hour sleep and that's hard. Last night I was like loosing my mind when doing this chocolate cake for my dear best friend, Wenny, whom I would have lunch with this afternoon. I was kind of got bored with any kind of chocolate cake I've ever made so with a bit rushing of time I decided to combine the vanilla custard and ganache for the filling then covered the cake with full ganache and pouring some white shreded white chocolate to give it a little bit more color and taste.

Hope Wenny and family would like this cake, if not then just not making the same kind next time, hehehehehe....just make it simple, right.

*need a little nap badly....*

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cookies for sale

Walaupun Lebaran masih 2 bulan lagi tapi ternyata order kue kering di Joris' Kitchen sudah di mulai. Tentu saja order ini diterima dengan penuh rasa syukur dan senang hati. Yang tadinya males banget bikin kue kering, sekarang mengerjakannya dengan riang gembira. Dimulai dari penerimaan order dari Jeddah kemudian berlanjut ke yang lainnya...

Silahkan kalau mau order, berikut ini adalah beberapa jenis kue kering produksi Joris' Kitchen yang bisa dipesan kapan saja. Tidak ada minimum order, boleh order cuman 1 toples dan seluruh harga dibawah ini belum termasuk ongkos kirim ya.

Chocolate chips nuts cookies yang crunchy dan gurih
Harga per toples Rp 50,000

Oatmeal cookies yang crunchy dan gurih, kaya akan serat
Harga per toples Rp 55,000

Curry Cheese Cookies. Paduan rasa keju parmesan, cheddar dan kari yang unik.
Harga per toples Rp 55,000

Lidah kucing original
Harga per toples Rp 45,000

Lidah kucing keju
Harga per toples Rp 55,000

Ukuran toples 400gr dan kue kering ini dibuat dengan bahan-bahan yang fresh dan bermutu.

Untuk pemesanan silahkan sms ke 0817 985 2792 atau 0838 90070703 atau email ke joriskitchen@gmail.com

Pemesanan paling lambat 3 hari sebelum waktu pengiriman/delivery. Terima kasih.

Dewi Joris

Black Forest Cake

A repeated order from Sasa, a black forest cake for her dearest husband's birthday today. Last year Sasa ordered the same cake for her husband's birthday. As this was a repeated order, I gave them a bonus. With the same price as last year I gave them bigger size of cake.

Thank you mbak Sasa...our best regards to your husband and happy birthday to Pak Imam. God bless your family.


Chocolate Chips Nuts Cookie

Fresh and yummy crunchy chocolate chips nuts cookie that every one will just love. You may order it from Joris' Kitchen :-)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Meeting Snack

Again, DESC ordered some snacks for meeting and training last week. This time the choices were:

Mini fruit pie, crunchy crust with vla vanilla and fresh fruits...seems like this mini fruit pie is a must snack item as it's always on their list.

Chocolate brownie

Deep fried tofu with vegetables and sausages

Macaroni schottel in cup

Mbak Tri...thank you so much!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Curry Cheese Cookie

The second cookies that I made yesterday for Ervin was Curry Cheese Cookie. I started to make this cookie about 2 years ago and people love it. Last year I decided not make this cookie because didn't have much time and energy to do it. This year, absolutely this cookie will be on my Lebaran cookie list again.

This cookie tastes unique. A combination between parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese, butter and curry powder.

Oatmeal Cookie

I love to bake but I am too lazy to bake cookies! I think cookies give me more effort to do rather than a cake hehehehe....but thank you to Nilam Sari that always inspires me to love baking cookies more :-)

Ervin and I have been good friends since high school and always difficult for me to say NO to her hehehe...Ervin is living in Jeddah, Arab Saudi, at the moment, and she often ordered some cakes to be sent to some good friends in Indonesia. Recently she asked me whether I would bake her some cookies and I said NO! But she is very persistent to keep asking me to do what she wants, and finally I could not say NO more to her.

The first cookie she wants is Oatmeal Cookie. I used the recipe I received from Nilam Sari and using her baking technic to bake this cookie. I almost give up on this cookie as the baking method seems have taken the whole time I have only for baking this oatmeal cookie. But you know what, it's worth!! the cookie turned out just perfect and soooo crunchy. Thank you Nilam Sari!!

Learning from the oatmeal cookie, I think I am ready for Lebaran cookie order now hehehehe....getting more excited about Lebaran cookie. This oatmeal cookie will be on the list.