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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blue Edible Picture Birthday Cake

This one, came from my dear friend I met thru cyber world also,...mbak Ika! hehehe...previously mbak Ika ordered some cupcakes for "ndhodhok lawang" ceremony. Then she wanted to order a birthday cake with Hello Kitty theme for Aisha birthday during the Eidul Fitri but too bad my kitchen was closed. This time, of course I couldn't say No to her :-)

She ordered a small simple birthday cake for her beloved husband. I always smiled during the process of making this birthday cake. Well, Nepi was the one who baked the vanilla sponge cake though...I did the cheese vla, assembling the cakes and decorated it. Mbak Ika said, the cake shouldn't be too sweet, she also preferred cheese filling rather than chocolate.

To make it nicer and quicker in decorating process, I put some blue and white chocolate fence around the cake. I wish I would have the blue ribbon, it's the soft ivory I had but not bad heh? hehehehe....

Mbak Ika, thank you very much for your order. My best regard to your husband, Happy Birthday! Also much love for Aisha. God bless your family always!

Review from mbak Ika :

Regarding the decorating, she loved it!
For the taste, she mentioned it's still too sweet for her family's taste besides she wasn't satiesfied enough with the sponge cake texture yet. For the cheese filling, they loved it very much.

Mbak Ika, thank you very much for your honest review, it encouraged me to do better for you and family. As you said, I didn't take it personally, I really appreciate your honest review. I hope you will give me another chance to see my improvement :-)

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