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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sesame Street cupcakes for Nikeisha's 1st Birthday

Another cupcakes order from Adi for Nikeisha's 1st birthday. 2 dozen of cupcakes with sesame street theme. Adi wanted one dozen of orange cupcakes and one dozen of strawberry cupcakes.

It's my first time to play with chocolate mold in details as I don't think I am good on it, not much patient yet hahaha....I need to improve my skill in playing with chocolate mold. Apologize if the result of the chocolate candies didn't turn out great and smooth. Besides I was blank about sesame street's characters. I only knew Elmo and Big Bird, the rest...no idea! Thanks to Mbak Ike, Kiki, and Yuli who have given me the clue about those characters hehehe...you've saved my life girls!

Thank you Andi for your orders. It's been great to be able to take part of Nikeisha's 1st birthday party.


Sandgroper Kids Entertainment said...

looks yummy


Joris' Kitchen said...

Thank you Louise! :-)

Ike said...

Hai Dewi,
hihihi.. ini toh crita Sesame Street waktu itu...
Tapiiii.... anak gw protes liat fotonya.. Katanya Elmo idungnya orange bukan coklat, Zoe warnanya orange bukan biru... :)

Joris' Kitchen said...

Mbak Ike,...iya betul hehehehe...kemaren sore aku baru liat tuh akhirnya Sesame Street dan ketawa ngakak sendiri karena banyak yang salah kekekeke...betul banget kata anak mbak Ike. Idung Elmo orange, Zoe juga harusnya warna orange kekekekekeke....next time better deh!

Thanks a lot yah!