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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mini fruit pie for Mbak Eli

Second order came from mbak Eli in Citragrand. This time mbak Eli would like to try Joris' Kitchen mini fruit pies.

So, this morning I delivered 30 mini fruit pies with vanilla vla to mbak Eli's home in Citra Grand.

A compliment note from mbak Eli sent thru YM just now:

Mbak Dewi, fruit pienya sudah diterima dgn baik, sebagian aku bawa kekantor dan langsung lenyap dalam sekejap,
Commentsnya tasty, yummy, and so crunchy pie..
Thanks yah.

1st order from Meilina

I was so thrilled and full with joy when received news from Meilina Santosa that I received my first order. The order came from Toledo, Ohio to be sent to a friend in Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta. Wow!!!!

Thank you!

Mini cuppies for Irene - 2nd order

Ibu Irene Nainggolan from Ichtus Christian School placed a second order of mini cuppies for celebrating her 10th anniversary at church last Saturday. I am glad knowing that Ibu Irene was happy with the first mini cuppies.

For the second order, Ibu Irene asked me to make 180 mini cuppies, almost 4 times than the first order. The decoration was still required the same as the first one, lollypop swirl with fondant flowers.

Thank you very much ibu Irene for the order and happy anniversary. God bless your marriage and family always!

Thank you Brownies for teachers

I made these thank you brownies for Ruth and Jonathan teachers at school. They are actually not the main teachers for Ruth and Jonathan but in daily basis they are always stand by to help the main the teachers in the classroom.

Thank you Ibu Dewi and Ibu Evie for being so kind and patient with Ruth and Jonathan. We love you and may God bless you always!

Jonathan's 4th birthday goodie bag

I was so pleased with myself as I was able to made almost everything for Jonathan's goodie bag by myself. With some helps from mbak Sri we happened to prepare the items:

1. Yellow rice and its condiments (yummy and tasty)
2. Chocolate chips & nuts cookies (its so crunchy and yummy! many testimonial about it!)
3. Cupcakes (the mocca flavour is yummy)
4. Chocolate pudding with fruit cocktails (yummy)
5. UHT chocolate milk - this one I bought from supermarket :-)

So when you think you won't have enough time to prepare goodie bag for your kids birthday party, you may contact me. I would be more than happy to help :-)

Jonathan's 4th birthday cupcakes

These cupcakes I made as one of Jonathan's goodie bag items. The theme was car. I asked Jonathan whether he would allow me to do it 2D not 3D and he said no problem because he knows Mommy would not have enough sleep preparing every thing for his birthday party. Good boy!

Those were mocca cupcakes and thank you to my dear friend who gave me this cute cookie cutter as birthday gift. I made fondat car cut off for the cupcakes. Kind of fun doing it. But there was one thing to sorry, I was sort of solo muffine liner when started to bake the cupcakes and it made me realeasing these cute soli liners I got from Ibu Yuli when she visited Kuala Lumpur. I love the solo liners from KL so much, they are so colorful and cute! Well, nothing can buy my boy's joy though so had to release them from my kitchen, hiks.

Fondant flower cake for teachers

While busy preparing everything for celebrating Jonathan's 4th birthday at school, one order came from Melisa. I couldn't say NO to Melisa because she has been so loyal to Joris' Kitchen. Thanks Mel!

Melisa ordered an american chocolate devil cake decorated with fondant for Max' teachers. Melisa said, "decoration is all up to you, just make it simple one for my son's teachers." I couldn't think of anything than flowers hahahaha....so, this one was the fastest design I could think of.

Thank you very much Melisa!

Jonathan's 4th birthday cake (Cake-2)

The second birthday cake I made was for the small birthday party at school. It was also chocolate and nuts cake with 24 square size.

The theme was still Lighting Mc Queen and friends but this time as requested I added 2 more characters which were Max the truck and Matter. Jo still complained because there was no Doug hihihihihi....next time my dear... :-)

Jonathan was even happier with this cake because there was Matter, Mc Queen good buddy. Proudly he told everyone that Mommy made this cake for him! Love you son!!

Jonathan's 4th birthday cake (Cake-1)

I made two birthday cakes for Jonathan's 4th birthday as his birthday was on Saturday, June 13th and birthday party at school couldn't be held until the following next Tuesday.

Saturday morning before his daddy went off to the university, we had small and simple celebration for him at home. Singing happy birthday for him, blowing candles, praying and eating the birthday cake.

As it was only for our family, I made it in small size, 18cm. It's chocolate and nuts cake fully decorated by fondant. As Jonathan loves Lighting Mc Queen and friends, I made small fondant figurines for Mc Queen and Sally. It's not the best one as I was sleepless but he was thrilled and really melted my heart.

Happy birthday my boy. Love you and GBU always!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Order from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

This is part of the positive side of technology!
A dearest friend of mine since high school, Ervin, who are now living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, ordered this cake for her friend in Jakarta.

Ervin said it's all up to me, just make the best of it. So, I decided to make this 30cm square triple chocolate nuts cake with fruits because this cake will be enjoyed by many people so I was thinking of something that everyone would love it.

Thank you Ervin for your order and awaiting for the next one hihihihihi....

Sunday, June 21, 2009

2nd order meeting snack from DESC

This was the second order from DESC that made me thrilled! Thank you very much Tri!

Their choices were:

Mini fruit pie, this time for the fruits I used kiwis, strawberries and peaches

Mini savory pies, exactly the same thing like I did before - seemed they loved it very much. I also made some more for Mbak Laksmi's order.

Mini chocolate peach taart

Mini cream cheese steamed brownie

I am ready for more meeting snack order! hehehehehe...

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

My 1st Thomas the tank engine 3D cake

This was my 1st Thomas the tank engine 3D cake I made for Kenzie, Vony' son. I had mixed feeling when receiving this order...it's a mix between excited and nervous. I am glad I could get through and I am pretty happy with the result.

The base cake was 24cm square double rich chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and nuts filling. Then for the Thomas cake, I used triple chocolate rich cake. The tripple chocolate rich cake was soft and moist, gave me lots of effort to craft it.

Glad that Kenzie and Mom love the cake. Promise to myself that next time will be better. Thank you Vony for your order. Love to Kenzie always, GBU all!

Fruit Taart - Eli Citragrand

Order from mbak Eli in Citragrand who happened staying in the same cluster as my big brother in Terrace Garden. That would make the delivery easier :-)

I have made this kind of cake last year for Putu and mbak Eli ordered exactly the same one. It's 2 layer of 20cm round vanilla sponge cakes with blueberry and vanilla vla filling. Using whipped cream icing and fresh fruit topper.

Fresh and yummy cake absolutely!

Mini cuppies for Irene - Ichthus

Order from Irene, Ichthus Christian school. 50 mini cuppies with butter cream and fondant flowers to be sent to the school in the morning.

Thank you Irene for your order.

Snack meeting order from DESC

Snack meeting order from DESC last week. Their choices are:

Mini savory pies

Mini fruit pies

Tape (peuyeum) cupcakes with nuts

I am glad that my snacks met their expectation, they even already put next order for this coming Thursday.

Thank you Tri!