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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tom & Jerry for Alifa's 6th Birthday

After ordered some goodie bags and birthday cake in November last year, this time mbak Ardin re-ordered the birthday cake for her lovely daughter birthday, Alifa.

The theme is Tom & Jerry and mbak Ardin gave me the sample of birthday cake with the same theme from the internet. Simple...yes very simple one. It was a very quick decorating to do, only took me a hour to finish everything and I even wanted to add some more things but just couldn't figure out what else to put on the cake.

I finally decided to put some gumpaste flowers and plastic grass for the cake on the top and in front of the cake. Kind of like this cake though, simple but nice.

The basic cake is 30cm square vanilla sponge cake with buttercream blueberry flavour. Decoration using vanilla buttercream and edible icing.

Thank you mbak Ardin for your order. Hope Alifa will love the cake.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Najthami & Diaz's Birthday Cake - Hotwheels

Order from my lovely neighbour accrossed the street, mbak Henny, for her sons' birthday.

Najthami and Diaz, born in the same month, in April, which birthdates close to each other. So their parents decided to celebrate their birthday together last Sunday. As Najthami, the elder ones, loves Hotwheels so much, they picked up Hotwheels theme as their birthday's cake theme. It's so difficult to find some one who could help me with the race track. Thanks to mbak Ina Larizz who helped with with race trace edible icing.

It's 30x30cm chocolate double cake with butter cream icing. Just love the color combination. The picture above was before I took the cake to mbak Henny's house. As usual mbak Henny always like to have almost everything on the cake. Kind of a bit go to the wrong theme and mixed them up but as long as they happy I would happy too :-)

Thank you mbak Hen!

Bolu Biasa :-)

More and more order from Lia, Kyla's mom :-) :-)

When Lia came to me and talked about "Bolu Biasa" aka "simple cake" not decorated ones, I was confused and didn't know what I was going to do with the cake. For me naked cake will look so poor in my eyes, I won't be able to stand and not decorate them, hahahahaha...but customer is a king!

So here it is....I came up with 2 layer of vanilla sponge cake with blueberry jam filling. And to make it more tasty I put some shredded cheddar cheese on the top of other layer before baking them in the oven. And guess what??...Lia and family just love this cake, this was actually the second order from her, previously she ordered 3 cakes.

Wanna order my bolu biasa?? size 24x24cm only Rp 75,000. Delivery is excluded :-)

Chocolate Cake in Slices

Another order from Lia, Kyla's mom. Lia was thinking about preparing some snacks for Ruth and Kyla's ensamble group and she asked my favor to do it for her. From my observation, these kids would just eat anything hehehehe...so I prepared something simple, quick but yummy still for them as I had very limited time.

Glad to know that the kids love the cake and butter cream hehehehe.....those sweet teeth just couldn't stop muching on them :-)

Thanks again, Lia!

Wedding Anniversary Black Forest for Beloved Wife

Being separated with your love ones by far distance would always be difficult. This time a husband in Kairo, Egypt sending a black forest cake for his beloved wife on their anniversary.

Ooohh deeaarrr...that must be very difficult for them. I pray that they will see each other again soon.

Glad to be part of their love series :-)

Carrot cake for breakfast meeting

I made this carrot for breakfast meeting in my office. Some people have made a noise about tasting my carrot cake so I gave them my speciality to taste.

This was the carrot cake before I cut them into slices and served them, just very simple one. With cream cheese frosting and put some more shredded cheddar cheese around the cake. Yaayy....I got so many tumbs up on that day hahahaha...they just loved my carrot cake and even the Senior VP from our company has asked for special order. She would take my carrot cake to Singapore, hand carry! wow!!...it's really my priviledge :-)

My boss said, we're gonna pay your carrot cake, can't be for free as it's just way delicious. Yayyy..thank you boss!

Banana Oatmeal Cake

Order from mbak Risti. Sooo happy to recieve order from mbak Risti again hehehe..thank you very much mbak.

Mbak Risti ordered 12 pax of banana oatmeal cake. There was an accident where my mixer was broken right in the middle of midnight when I had to do another 8 pax of banana oatmeal cakes. Thank you Lord, I had an angel that helped me to get a new mixer right on time. My angel was Sonny,the owner of Blossom store.

Got a message from mbak Risti that she was very happy with the cake, yummy....

Yes, this banana oatmeal cake is very yummy and moist. Topped with cheddar cheese shreded....yuummm....and still healthy :-)

If you want to order the same thing, please kindly email your order to joriskitchen@gmail.com The price of 1 pax banana oatmeal cake is Rp 50,000. Minimum order 2 pax and delivery charge is excluded.


Wedding Cupcakes for Indy & Ferry

Order from Lynda, a dearest online friend from the Netherlands. This wedding cupcakes was dedicated for her beloved niece, Indy on her wedding day!

I was very excited doing another wedding cupcakes project and promised to myself to always give my best for the couple. Indy and Ferry were very cooperative, they just trust everything would be okay in my hands.

Linda was the one who picked the theme for the wedding cupcakes. She prefers to have pink and blue theme, but then later on there was a problem as the interior decor reception theme was maroon and gold. Tried to think to match the wedding cupcakes theme with decor and finally got an idea to use my gold cupcakes liners, yes that would do good!

I am so happy doing this project, all my love to Indy and Ferry poured thru my cupcakes. I made 80 cupcakes which were devided into 2 flavours, vanilla mint and chocolate. Decorated them with butter cream and simple gumpaste flowers. I gave more touch up on the tiers with baby pink lace around the tiers and some fresh flowers. The cake on the top of tiers was lapis surabaya diameter 20cm with full fondant decoration and some fresh flowers.

Very happy with the result and glad that the newly weds and their families were also very happy and satisfied with the wedding cupcakes.

Thank you very much Lynda for your trust. God bless you!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cake Hantaran Wedding

Utang postingan bejibun...baru sempet edit 2 yang lain masih ngendon di card dan belum ada energy untuk transfer hihihihihihi....

Hasil kerja 3 minggu yang lalu....Minggu yang super sibuk dan sangat melelahkan....tapi bersyukur masih diberikan kesehatan dan kekuatan sehingga dapat menyelesaikan semua pesanan dengan baik. Dalam 1 akhir pekan ada pesanan 28 pak kue hantaran pernikahan, wedding cupcakes dan snack box sebanyak 125 boxes. Juggling around nggak karuan tapi akhirnya semua dapat selesai tepat waktu.

Ini adalah cake hantaran pernikahan pesanan Lia, mamanya Kyla, temen satu kelas Ruth. Tadinya cuman mau pesan 15 pcs tapi terus nambah jadi 28. Cakenya ukuran 15cm yang dihias dengan edible image dan butter cream. Nggak sanggup ngerjain cakenya sendiri, aku minta tolong Pak Sahak dan Puji Tuhan, Pak Sahak bersedia membantu....senangnya.

Menghias 28 cake dapat aku selesaikan dalam waktu semalam. Petang hari usai istirahat sejenak dari urusan snack box dan wedding cupcakes aku segera menyicil pekerjaan ini. Suamiku baik sekali, dia bawa anak-anak keluar untuk jalan-jalan supaya nggak ganggu mamanya sampai jam 9 malam. Dan dari mulai jam 18:30 - 21:00 aku berhasil menyelesaikan 13 cakes. Uuuggghhh masih 15 lagi....tapi tidur dulu.....terbangun pukul 23:30 segera aku kerja lagi. Kali ini tanpa ditemani TV supaya pekerjaannya lebih fokus. Dan Puji Tuhan, tepat pukul 3 dini hari semua sudah selesai. Aaahhh leganya...senangnya.....

Terima kasih Lia....ordernya jalan terus, Puji Tuhan :-)

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Dinosaurus theme for Naila

I was contacted by mbak Yessy a few days before Naila's birthday. Mbak Yessy told me that her daughter would like to have dinosaurus theme for her 5th birthday. As my kids not really into dinosaurus, I need to asked for some references from Shopia, my colleague whose daugher loves dinosaurus very much.

Finally I could find the mini dianosaurus figurines. Together with Ruth and Jonathan, we went to the toy shop in Cibubur to get this figurines as the one that I saw in Tebet was already sold out in the evening I went there after office hour, hiks. Decorating idea got it from Mbak Peni's blog.

The delivery time was another story. As it was raining very hard all afternoon, the courier had to postpone the delivery until 6:30PM and it was really surprisingly that the cake arrived in Serpong almost middle of the night *pyyuufffffff*

Thank you mbak Yessy for the order. I apologize for any inconvinience during waiting for the cake arrived in your home.

Black Forest Birthday Cake for the love ones

Black forest is one of the ever lasting cakes that people would always have it for any special occasion, including birthdays.

This order I received from Doha, Qatar, for the love ones in Jakarta :-)
So sweet....full of love....

Thank you Pak for your order :-)

Chocolate Cake for SMC

Order came from my own hubby for his business partner at SMC. Did he pay for the cake? Yes, he did! very profesional, business is business, hahahahaha...Thanks, dear ;-)

Snack box order for Cloe's birthday

Order from Irene Nainggolan for Cloe' birthday. Sent to Cloe' school in Ichtus International School.

As they are vegetarian, Irene ordered for veggies lalampa, mayonaise, cheese and egg risoles and mini fruit pie.

Glad to know that Irene's family and Cloe's teachers loved the snack box.

Barbie Cake for Priscila Assa

More order from Mr Assa in Australia. This time the grandpa sent a beautiful barbie cake for his grand daughter's 8th birthday, Priscila Assa.

Base cake that I used for the skirt is moist chocolate butter cake, fully covered with fondant.

Thank you for your continuing orders Mr Assa :-)

Strawberry Shortcake for Shaista

Recommended by my best friend, Krista, Anita ordered this strawberry shortcake theme for her daughter 5th birthday, Shaista.

Pinky theme....yippie! Just love pinky and girly stuff surrounded me that week hahahaha...Again, double chocolate cake with butter cream icing, strawberry shortcake figurine and background.

Just loved doing it and glad to hear from Anita that Shaista loved the cake soo much. Thank you Anita for your order :-)

Double Chocolate Birthday Cake for Cella Marcella

Another double chocolate cake order from the US for the love one, Cella Marcella in Kelapa Gading. When I called the courier and told them that the receiver was Cella Marcella, they were busy guessing whether it was Cella the artist. I told them I don't have any idea, as it's an order thru internet and it wasn't my right to ask...I am just a baker. Don't want to bother with some one else business :-)

Thank you for the order :-)

Birthday cake for Sarah

This cake was ordered by my colleague at work for her beautiful niece. When mbak Resti gave me her niece's picture to be scanned I was amazed with her beautiful eyes. Sarah is just as beautiful as her auntie *wink*

Resti asked for double chocolate cake. I just loved decorated this girly birthday cake for Sarah. Applying the pinky stuff and gumpaste flowers on the cake was just fun, I love girly things! hahahaha...

Thank you very much mbak Resti for your order. Glad to know that everyone loved the cake.