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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hot Wheels theme for Alif's 6th Birthday

A 24cm square chocolate rich cake decorated with fondant/plastic icing and edible image for Alif's 6th Birthday.

Fanny, Alif's mom requested for Hot Wheels theme.

Thank you Fanny for your repeated order :-)

Christmas decoration cake

A chocolate rich cake with different kind of christmas decoration. This time I decorated 2 layer of chocolate blueberry cake with fondant/plastic icing and christmas edible image.

Merry Christmas every one!

Christmas Cuppies

More on christmas cuppies.

This time I made santa's face, christmas three, snow man and christmas wreat using butter cream icing as basic decoration.

Thank you to Peppy, Cathy and Ahui who have ordered these christmas cuppies. And thank you to Mbak Ike for allowing me using her idea for the cuppies decorations.

Christmas Fruit Pies

Yippie!....I received order for fruit pies at christmas!!!

I love making fruit pies, always so much fun in playing with colorful fruits besides this fruit pie is easy to make, no need mixer hahaha....

Thanks to Peppy and Pak Ferandy Gultom for the order :-)

Christmas Surabaya Layer Cake

This Surabaya layer cake was order from Ahui who previously ordered some cupcakes for her birthday.

Ahui asked for undecorated surabaya layer cake but then as it's for christmas present she asked me to give a little touch of Christmas on the cake. Thank you Ahui for your order.

Surabaya is one of cake that has many egg yolks in it. For this 24cm square I used 39 egg yolks hehehe...as this cake has many egg yolk and butter in it, the texture is very moist. For me, a thin slice of surabaya layer cake is more than enough hehehehe...Any one want to place the same order for Chinese New Year?....I've been told that sending layer cakes during Chinese New Year means we also send a layer prosperous whishes...interested to order? just text me at 0817 985 2792 :-)

Christmas Triple Chilled Chocolate Cheesecake

Still order from Peppy, triple chocolate chilled cheese cake.

Delicious 3 layer of chocolate chilled cheesecake; white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate....yummy....

Christmas Chocholate Rich Cake

Peppy is one of my loyal customers. Every year she always gave me big order for Christmas. This year Peppy ordered some cakes, one of them was this chocolate rich cake too bad I had to say no for cookies' order as I would not have enough time to do every thing.

Thanks Peppy for your order. Hope this chocolate rich cake could cheer up yourself and family on Christmas day.


It's been a while I didn't bake a brownie. This week I got a chance to bake brownie again as Peppy ordered brownie for christmas snack. I made 2 batches. One for Peppy and one for my own family. Absolutely delicious and great for my sweet teeth :-)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Cupcakes - Sofie

Sofie, my colleague ordered these cupcakes as gift for colleague friends who celebrates christmas.

Chocolate cupcakes with christmas edible images and butter cream icing.

Thank you Sofie for your order.

Pink & Blue cuppies for 2nd Wedding Anniversary

Last order from Einy and Ari from last week. A set of 16 pink and blue cuppies for gift of 2nd Wedding Anniversary.

The cupcakes are also mixed in vanilla and chocolate with strawberry and blueberry filling. For decoration I used heart shaped pink chocolate mold and fondant flowers.

Thank you very much dek Einy and Ari...it's a very sweet of you. My God bless your heart and my love to Kezia and Evan.

Pink & Purple Cuppies

Another order from Einy and Ari 2 sets of 16 cupcakes with pink and purple theme.

Einy would like to have the cupcakes flavour mixed in vanilla and chocolate. So as requested I made vanilla cupcakes with strawberry filling and chocolate cupcakes with blueberry filling.

Thanks Einy and Ari!

34th Wedding Anniversay Cake

34th Wedding Anniversary...wow.....what a wonderful year of marriage!

Einy & Ari, one of my loyal customers ordered this nice and delicious black forest cake. This cake was for a gift to a couple that celebrated their 34th Wedding Anniversary.

Edible picture cake for Raffa's 4th Birthday

If a few days before Raffa's mom ordered for Raffa's cupcakes birthday, this time it's for the birthday cake.

Raffa loves car, plane also Tom & Jerry characters. Mbak Indah, Raffa's mom would like to have everything on one cake. As I am not good at figurine I suggested for using edible image and mbak Indah agreed. Thank you to Zakie & Vicka for the cute design!

I made 2 layers of moist chocolate sponge cake and filled it with chocolate ganache and mandarine oranges. The decoration using butter cream icing and cute edible image.

Happy 4th Birthday kakak Raffa, God bless!

Engagement Cake for my brother

I made this cake for my younger brother engagement day last week. My cake was becoming one of the "hantaran" for the engagement. "Hantaran" is a set of gift for the fiance as a symbol that not only the couple who are engaged but also the two families.

I made a surabaya layer cake and decoration using plastic icing/fondant. As the theme of "hantaran" color was gold and creme, I decided to use yellow color combining with gold bow for the cake.

Happy engagement Wisnu & Nining...may your love with last forever not only until the wedding day but until the death separate two of you. God bless!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Cupcakes

I made these christmas cupcakes for my boss and colleagues at work who celebrate Christmas.

This picture is a one set I made for my boss, contains of chocolate devil cupcakes and surabaya layer cupcakes.

Merry Christmas everyone, may the joy of christmas remain to stay in your heart! God bless.

Little Einstein for Jose's 4th Birthday

Another order for Little Einstein's theme came from Tommy, Jose's father who found me while doing web browsing.

For the basic cake he wanted 20cm square of Lapis Surabaya (Surabaya Layer Cake) with Jose and Little Einstein edible image.

Thank you very much Tommy for your trust, hope Jose will love the cake and Happy Birthday Jose!

Lollypop swirl for Raffa's 4th Birthday

Mbak Indah, mama Raffa this time ordered some cupcakes for Raffa's birthday. She asked for strawberry cupcakes packed individually and in 2-2 packing for Raffa' school mates.

The decoration using Raffa's edible image, lollypop swirl and colorfull springkles as requested.

One note for mbak Indah why she made repeated order is : "Every one at home loves your delicious butter cream mbak Dewi!"

Wow...it's very sweet...thank you mbak Indah and Happy Birthday Mas Raffa :-)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thomas & Friends Birthday Cake for Evan's 2nd Birthday

For the birthday cake, here is a little birthday cake, about 20cm square size. As Einy doesn't really care with chocolate cake, I made them a vanilla cake with vanilla vla & blueberry filling.

Decoration using butter cream icing and cake toys. Happy 2nd Birthday Evan! Best wishes and God bless you always.

Assorted cupcakes for Evan's 2nd Birthday

Einy, Evan's mom ordered 45 assorted cupcakes for Evan's 2nd birthday. 30 orange cupcakes + 15 chocolate cupcakes packed in 3 for each packing and decorated with chocoalte mold and butter cream.

As there is no certain packaging for 3 cupcakes I used roll taart packaging to pack these cupcakes.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Optimus Prime's Cupcakes for Wafdan

Order from Fivy, Wafdan's Mom for Wafdan's birthday today. 3 dozen of cupcakes with 3different kind of flavours : strawberry, chocolate and mocca. Decorated with butter cream and edible image of Wafdan and his favorite character, Optimus Prime. I didn't know what Optimus Prime was, until Fivy sent me the picture.

Surprisingly knowing that Fivy is also from Salatiga, went to the same high school too, so it was very nice to get a chance to meet her in Cibubur :-)

Thank you Fivy for your order, Happy Birthday to Wafdan and my kiss for Daniya too.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Shania's 9th birthday cupcakes

I received this order from mbak Ike. Her aunty would like to order 100 cupcakes for Shania's birthday to mbak Ike but as mbak Ike was already full with 200 cupcakes order, she asked to do it for her aunty. Thank you mbak Ike, your order such a warming up for me after a very nice long weekend :-)

Diana, Shania's mom wanted to have 50 vanilla cupcakes + 50 chocolate cupcakes with lollypop swirl decoration. For the packing, each pack contains of 2 cupcakes, one vanilla and one chocolate.

I always love playing with lollypop swirl, colorful, cheerful, easy to do and fast hahaha...by 9:30pm last night all 100 cupcakes were already packed and this morning sent to Shania's home in Cibubur :-)

Happy Birthday Shania, and thank you to mbak Diana & mbak Ike :-)

Chocolate Devil Cupcakes for Bayu

I made this chocolate devil cupcakes for Bayu's birthday. Happy birthday ya Kang...all the best for you!

Comment from Kang Bayu : "Uenaaakkkkkk...belum nyalain komputer udah langsung aku embat satu hehehehe...thank youuu..."

And another comment from Chef Nilam Sari : "Enaakk...mantaffff..."

Thank youh...thank youuuhh....waiting for the next order huehehehehehe...*wink*

Pink cupcakes for A Hui

This was an order from the birthday girl, A Hui. One day before I made a birthday cake for A Hui, ordered by her best friend, Melisa aka Max & Meene's Mom, one of my loyal customer. Too bad I didn't have enough time to take the picture as I did the decoration in my pantry office, ssstttt.....hahahaha....Mel, please share the cake's picture, would you?

A Hui loves butterfly but dislike butter cream. Such a pain for me when I had to decorate the 2 dozen of standard liner cupcakes with a very minimum butter cream. The cupcakes in muffin liner was easier to handle hehehe...

Happy Birthday, A Hui...thank you very much for your order and even thank you more as you already put another order for 10th December :-)