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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Chocolate Pudding with fresh fruits topping

Finally, we came to the last order from mbak Indri...chocolate pudding with fresh fruits topping.

This time I added slices of mango to the pudding, colorful isn't it?

Mbak Indri, again thanks a lot for all you orders.


First time making klapertaart!!! also for mbak Indri.

I told mbak Indri I've never been made any klapertaart, again mbak Indri told me to try and yes I tried.

Sari said, it's quick and easy but for me it took hours to bake those klapertaart. It suppose to be golden brown look but mine was just pale look! I don't know what's going on...I baked them for 3 hours in aubanmerie method but still pale look, hiks.

For the taste so far is okay just need to explore more for the look.

Lemon cupcakes (aglaonema)

Besides ordering "aglaonema birthday cake," Mbak Indri also ordered cupcakes. As she didn't give me any preference, I decided to make her lemon cupcakes decorated with lemon butter cream and edible image of aglaonemas.

These cupcakes were packed individually to be shared with friends who came for Mas Novel's birthday party.

I added 9 cupcakes as bonus and I just love the simple decor I made for the bonus cupcakes :-)

Thanks mbak Indri!

Suppose to be Aglaonema

I met mbak Indri thru Multiply. A few weeks ago mbak Indri asked me to help her making a birthday surprise for her husband, Mas Novel. As Mas Novel is a big fan of aglaonema then she wanted me to make a 3D aglaonema cake. I said NO, but she supported me that I could do it. Maybe I was over confident when finally saying YES.

I am still an amateur...do not know much fondant techniques....the aglaonema cake becoming a disaster on Monday morning. It didn't turn out what it suppose to be. The leaf couldn't set until last minute what a terrible cake!!!

Glad that mbak Indri not mad at all, therew as a dissapointment but at least she didn't blow up this to me and I do really appreciate it.

Mbak Indri, thank you very much!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cars cake for Alvin

Alvin's mom is someone that I do respect and love dearly...Mbak Ning. Since I joined this company 6 years ago, I know mbak Ning as someone who has a very dear heart, helpful and sweet. Especially since I moved to the corporate office where Ning and I work together everyday. I just love her CAN DO atttitude that she always brings.

When Mbak Ning shared with me about Alvin's birthday I asked her whether it would be okay if I bake him a birthday cake. Mbak Ning gave me a big smile saying "thank you mbak, actually it's been a long time I want you to bake a birthday cake for my boy but I know you always busy with other big orders." Oh my dear...of course I will always say yes to you, Mbak Ning..no matter what :-)

So here it is...2 layer of chocolate sponge cakes with filling chocolate ganache and blueberry, decorating with butter cream icing and cars' cake toys. I hope Alvin will like his birthday cake.

Happy 4th Birthday, Alvin! You are so blessed to have a mother like mbak Ning, she is super!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Colorful Swirl (Lollypop) for Dilla birthday cupcakes

I just love making this kind of swirl, very colorful and cheerful. In cupcakes world, they call it as lollypop swirl.

Zara, my dear colleague asked me to make a 91 cupcakes for her daughter, Dilla's, 11th birthday. Why 91? because these 91 cupcakes are devided into:

- 35 cupcakes, packed individually for Dilla's classmates
- 6 sets of 4 cupcakes for Dilla's teachers
- 2 sets of 12 cupcakes for Dilla's family and aunties

Thru this order also I've learned new technic of putting the filling, I learned it from chocklit.com kinda fun but takes time when you do for 91 cupcakes. Took about 3 hours only for doing the filling :-) I made vanilla cupcakes with blueberry filling.

After all I am satisfied with the result. This morning Zara saw the cupcakes and she was thrilled, that really made me forget about the my sleepless.

Mbak Z, thank you so much for your order and you "company" last night until 12am. My love for Dilla and O always :-)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pink & Purple Cuppies for Krista

Krista, my dearest church's friend, ordered 70 cupcakes to share with her colleagues at work today.

Just like me, Krista loves girly things. She picked up pink and purple swirl theme and the basic cake for the cupcakes are lemon and vanilla.

Happy Belated Birthday, Krista! Thank you for your order...God bless! :-)

Barbie Cake for Bianca

Another good lesson I have to learn when doing this cake. This cake order came from Cathy, Andrew & Bianca's Mom whom I met thru Sehat Mailing List. I know I didn't have much time to do it but as I wanted to help and hard to say NO then I said Yes.

Everything was okay until I forgot to put peaches slices in the filling, then my baking assistant forgetting to give the candle!! For peaches filling, Cathay said it's okay but not for the candle as it gave her and the whole family very bad headache! Seems like a very small thing but it's VERY IMPORTANT when you have a birthday party. A birthday party won't be the same when there was no candle!

I think an apology won't be enough and I don't know what to say anymore...

Catherine, Bianca...from the deepest of my heart, I do really really sorry...I will take all the consequences that may occur.


This morning I received messages from Cathy, saying that finally they could find the candle. Cathy even sent me the picture of the whole cake including the candle for the reference. Thank you God and Cathy!

It's nice of Cathy, she sent me more photos from the birthday party yesterday...thanks Cath!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

American Chocolate Devil Cake for Josie

Josie's mom said they wanted to try my American Chocolate Devil. I told her, the cake's texture will be different, it isn't the light one..but she still wanted to try :-)

Josie's birthday itself was on the 17th but they celebrate her birthday today.

Happy birthday, Josie! hope this american chocolate devil cake will meet the whole family & friends' taste.

God bless, cantik!

Text message from Josie's mom after the birthday party :

"Bu Dewi, kuenya ueeenak bgt, manisnya pas, coklatnya berasa, top pokoknya. Kebetulan temennya Josie pada suka coklat jadinya pas deh. Sukses terus ya. Tx."

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blue Edible Picture Birthday Cake

This one, came from my dear friend I met thru cyber world also,...mbak Ika! hehehe...previously mbak Ika ordered some cupcakes for "ndhodhok lawang" ceremony. Then she wanted to order a birthday cake with Hello Kitty theme for Aisha birthday during the Eidul Fitri but too bad my kitchen was closed. This time, of course I couldn't say No to her :-)

She ordered a small simple birthday cake for her beloved husband. I always smiled during the process of making this birthday cake. Well, Nepi was the one who baked the vanilla sponge cake though...I did the cheese vla, assembling the cakes and decorated it. Mbak Ika said, the cake shouldn't be too sweet, she also preferred cheese filling rather than chocolate.

To make it nicer and quicker in decorating process, I put some blue and white chocolate fence around the cake. I wish I would have the blue ribbon, it's the soft ivory I had but not bad heh? hehehehe....

Mbak Ika, thank you very much for your order. My best regard to your husband, Happy Birthday! Also much love for Aisha. God bless your family always!

Review from mbak Ika :

Regarding the decorating, she loved it!
For the taste, she mentioned it's still too sweet for her family's taste besides she wasn't satiesfied enough with the sponge cake texture yet. For the cheese filling, they loved it very much.

Mbak Ika, thank you very much for your honest review, it encouraged me to do better for you and family. As you said, I didn't take it personally, I really appreciate your honest review. I hope you will give me another chance to see my improvement :-)

Thomas & Friends Edible Birthday Cake for Fattah

Order from mbak Misne, as recommended by mbak Laksmi, thanks a lot mbak Laksmi!

Mbak Misne confirmed her order for Fattah's 5th birthday cake on Monday morning. As the decoration using the edible picture then I think I can make it.

It's 2 layer of 24 square chocolate sponge cakes with blueberry and chocolate ganache filling, butter cream icing and edible picture of Fattah with Thomas & friends.

Happy 5th Birthday Fattah!

I'm sorry can't help for the 50 cupcakes as it's too sudden and I don't think I would make it. Hopefully next time I could help you more with the cupcakes ya mbak Misne, thanks a lot for your order this time :-)

Pink Princess Birthday Cake

A new record in my baking, decorating 3 birthday cakes in 4 hours. This was the first one,

Mbak Dewi Wakkary, my dear friend I met thru cyber world, ordered the princess theme birthday cake for her nieces. I got her message for this order on Tuesday early morning, and the message saying that she meant to send it on Monday night. I don't know what's going on with our GSM recently.

Anyway, I told my Dewi that I already have another birthday cakes to do but I would be happy to help as long as it's the simple one. Mbak Dewi said, it's gonna be the simple birthday cake with princess theme.

Let's see..2 layer of 22cm square chocolate sponge cake with blueberry and chocolate ganache filling. Using pink butter cream icing and princess theme cake toys.

I hope Nada & Nadya will happy with the cake ya mbak Dew...

Thanks a lot for your order :-)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Vintage cupcakes (Replacement)

I made another set of vintage theme cupcakes for Rosi's wedding gift to her friend, Novie, to replace the other set that has given me a horror experience.

Everything pretty much the same except for 9 cupcakes that have different flower color. I ran out the purple one so I decided to modified another 9 cupcakes with blue flowers and pearls.

I hope everything will be okay this afternoon when Nepi will do the delivery to mbak Novie directly to her office in Toyota Cibubur.

In the name of JC, Amen!

To mbak Rosi, thank you very much for giving me the second change, I do really appreciate it, God bless your sweet heart!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Vintage's cupcakes (Horor's experience!!)

Mbak Rosi, contacted me last week asking me whether I would be available to make cupcakes as wedding gift for her friend, Novie. I said yes.

Then mbak Rosi told me that she wanted me to do the vintage theme as the wedding theme itself was vintage.

Poor me, don't understand much about vintage thing. Searching in the internet looking at some samples of vintage cupcakes, dealing with my weakness of not able to make fondant roses, etc...finally I came up with my own idea and design. I just love the color and the decoration even though maybe looks too simple and not neat enough. Yes, there are still area to be improved for some one like me...an amateur!

But then the horor thing came up. When the cupcakes were delivered, I got a call from mbak Rosi. Mbak Rosi told me that she found ants in cupcakes plates. I was shocked when hearing that news, speechless. Until the packing time this morning, everything was fine. Nepi, my baking assistant also told me the same thing, the plate cleaned, no ants at all...

Oh well....sometimes shit happens. I do apologize mbak Rosi and promised her that I will replace the whole package with the new one tomorrow and deliver it directly to the bride.

I thank my Rosie for her patient and understanding, I do apologize and next time I will treat all my cakes and cupcakes more careful and always bring them in a prayer. Yes, to be honest...I was too confident and too pride to pray for my cupcakes. Good lesson I've got today! Thank you mbak Yuli, my dearest sister for your reminder...pray...pray and always pray in everything we do!

A chocolate fruity box cake for Belina

Mbak Tuti, my loyal customer again ordered a cake for her friend's birthday today. As always, mbak Tuti ordered for vanilla butter cake with chocolate ganache filling, chocolate ganache & fruits topping.

I thought I put too much batter on the pan, so each layer was pretty high. But having higher cake gave an idea for a chocolate fruity box cake.

There was a missed understanding between me and mbak Tuti, I do really apologize for that. Next time I will be more proactive to ask for the exact hour.

Thank you mbak Tuti, for your great support so far to JK. My best greeting and happy birthday to Belina!

Sesame Street cupcakes for Nikeisha's 1st Birthday

Another cupcakes order from Adi for Nikeisha's 1st birthday. 2 dozen of cupcakes with sesame street theme. Adi wanted one dozen of orange cupcakes and one dozen of strawberry cupcakes.

It's my first time to play with chocolate mold in details as I don't think I am good on it, not much patient yet hahaha....I need to improve my skill in playing with chocolate mold. Apologize if the result of the chocolate candies didn't turn out great and smooth. Besides I was blank about sesame street's characters. I only knew Elmo and Big Bird, the rest...no idea! Thanks to Mbak Ike, Kiki, and Yuli who have given me the clue about those characters hehehe...you've saved my life girls!

Thank you Andi for your orders. It's been great to be able to take part of Nikeisha's 1st birthday party.

Sesame Street theme for Nikeisha 1st birthday

I want to thank to Kristin for her recommendation to Joris' Kitchen to her friend, Adi. I was surprised received call from Adi mentioned that Kristine has recommended me for making a birthday cake for his daughter, Nikeisha.

The requested theme was Sesame Street. Basic cake was strawberry sponge cake with strawberry vla filling. All about strawberries but not too sour though. For fruit decoration as requested I didn't put too much strawberries. I put some kiwis & oranges and a little grapes instead.

It's kind of fun decorated this kind of cake, different! You don't just use the cake toys but combining them with fruits, it's fun!

Happy Birthday Nikeisha...hope the party went well and every body was happy, GBU!