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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Love Cakes

During the month of February, my kitchen was busy with love cake orders. Here are some of the love cake orders made by Joris' Kitchen during February 2010.

Love Black Forest Cakes:

Love Triple Chocolate Cake:

Love Butter Cream Cake:

Love Tiramisu Cakes:

I am so thankful that Joris' Kitchen has becoming the love bridge so far for our customers. As I said that everything made in my kitchen is not just a baking, I bake with a heart that full of love spirit.

I love my customers and the cakes I made :-)

Chocolate Fruity Love Cake

An order from daughter in the US to her beloved father's birthday.

This cake became a great choice, combining the great flavour of chocolate double cake with fresh fruits as topping. Yummy!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Assorted cupcakes order from Mbak Eli

It's been a while I didn't bake cupcakes. So when I received this order, even though I only had 1 night to do it since I received the telephone, I said YES to Mbak Eli.

2 dozen of cupcakes in vanilla mint and mocca chocolate chips flavours. Decoration using butter cream and mocca cream. I made them for mbak Eli's niece birthday on Sunday.

Thank you Mbak Eli, hope your niece enjoyed the cupcakes :-)

Black Forest Birthday Cake - Parung

When I received this order, there was a big smile on my face as I read the message to be sent to the mother on the birthday card. Seems like the son has a very close relationship with the mother so the message was so cute and funny.

Another black forest cake order from the US to be sent to Parung, Bogor area.

Oreo Cheese Cake

Order from Ingkan for her husband's birthday. First time making Oreo cheese cake and again I used chilled cheese cake method that always been easy and give me more time to rest in the evening hahahahaha...

Thank you Ingkan for your order. Wish your hubby all the best!

Peach & Lecy Cheese Cake

I just love making chilled cheese cake as it's very easy and doesn't need many kitchen tools hehehehehe...you can keep your kitchen tools in the cupboard :-)

Original recipe was peach chilled cheese cake but I modified it to peach and lecy. I add some chunks of lecies that give different flavour and taste.

Chocolate Devil Birthday Cake

Order from the US for dearest mother in Jakarta from dearest daughters in the US. A rich and tasty chocolate devil. Watch out!...as it's really devil! :-))

Double Chocolate Birthday Cake

Order from the US for a dearest mother and grandmother in Jakarta. A double chocolate cake with has a rich chocolate tasty and beautiful look.

Just love doing this cake order, especially when I wrote the message for the mother in the card, made me in tears...happy tears :-)

Pink Fondant Cake

Pink fondant birthday cake order from Indonesian consulate office in the Netherlands for a dear friend in Bogor.

The basic cake is Mandarin cake, size 20cm.

Fruit Pie - Cibubur

Another fruit pie order from the US for relative in Cibubur. Difficult to find fresh strawberries this time, I decided to add more redish color using mini red grapes. These mini red grapes just delicious, so sweet and crunchy!!

Just love fruit pie, yummy and healthy!!!

Fruit Pie - Cipete

Recently I notice that people starting to order fruit pies again. My fruit pie becoming a favorite about 2 years ago...then slowing down...and this year I got more fruit pie orders.

This one coming from the US for relative in Cipete.