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Monday, September 24, 2007

Cup Cakes for Rosi

This order comes from Rosi, my colleague who was impressed with cup cakes I made for Nadia. Firstly, Rosi asked me to decorate the cup cakes with animal themes as she wanted to share the cup cakes with her niece but then she changed her mind, she said no special theme for the cup cakes decoration, up to me.

When some one said "up to you" it can be good but it also can be worst. The worst thing was I just had no idea at all for the decoration. I have done blog walking these very recent days but stil the result was zero last night. For an hour I was just sit down on the floor did nothing, playing with the butter cream, tasted it, playing again until a mosquito bit me then I realized it's already 11 pm!!

I really wanted to make a nice swirl using Wilton 1M so the swirl will come out like a nice rose but I don't have Wilton 1M. When I looked at my stuff I found one tip that looks like something that can help me to do such thing like Wilton 1M. Well, I bought the tip in traditional market and it only cost Rp 1,000 so it doesn't work as good as the Wilton one, at least I will have a good excuse :-)

It's fun using this fake tip hehehehehe...and in 45 minutes finally I have done all decoratings. I made a set of purple roses from swirl and another set of fruity decoration for Rosi, what a fun night .

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Cup cakes for Khaira 3rd Birthday

Besides ordering the birthday cake, Khaira Moms also ordered some cup cakes to go along with the birthday cake. High light for the cup cakes orders are:

1. Should not contained any butter cream - prefer decorated using royal icing (RI)
2. Written : Khaira Birthday in each cup cake

Well, really a challege for me as I am not too familiar with royal icing. But after a long discussion with Efi, my friend, finally I have enough guts to be confident that everything should be okay.

Afer done doing the cup cakes I was happy that these cup cakes turned out pretty nice even though the decorating was just simple one. Sindhi, Khaira's Mom was also happy with the cup cakes. "Very nice, Dew!" said Sindhi. Thank you Sindhi :-)

Barney Cake for Khaira 3rd Birthday

Khaira, my best friend's daughter celebrated her 3rd birthday on last Saturday, 9 September 2007. As she is a big fan of Barney and Baby Bob, her mom asked me to make a birthday cake for Khaira with Barney theme. "It should be colorful and besides Barney, Khaira loves baloons and balls."

I tried to combine all requests even though after done the decorating I am not satisfied with the result yet. I think it's not colorful enough besides that I was a bit lost in ideas. Well...oh well..I wasn't feeling well either. Well...oh well again...I am happy that Khaira, her sibbling and parents were happy with the birthday cake even though I might have to take a note to improve my decorating skill.

The birthday cake

Barney, Baby Bob, baloons, balls, ducks and rabbits in little park

Side decoration

Happy birthday sweet Khaira, may God continues to bless and shower you with His love forever!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Flower Cup Cakes

These flower cup cakes made to fulfill Nadia's order, my colleague. As Nadia told me that she didn't have any idea for the decorating theme I decided to make flower cup cakes for her as she is sooo girly and beautiful.

Roses cup cakes
Besides making cup cakes for Nadia, I also made some cup cakes for Ruth's teachers to say thank you for all patience and support for Ruth while she was making an adjustment to a new school environment. Ruth had problems in adjusting and she was absolutely handsfull during the first month at school.

Colorful corsette

Sun Flowers

Grass flowers