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Monday, September 15, 2008

Blue Hot Wheel for Kyle

Order from Sisca, Kyle's mom for Kyle's 8th birthday today. A blue hot wheel car. I have searched thru the internet to find the best model for the carving cake and ended up with this one.

I know it's not the right model...but I hope Kyle will like it. 2 layer of chocolate cake with blueberry and chocolate ganache. Decorated with fondant and a little bit of butter cream. The car made of chocolate butter cake and fondant.

Happy birthday Kyle....

Here was the text message I received from Kyle's mom :

"Kuenya enak, thank you!"

Green birthday cupcakes for Nafisa

These are some of 3 dozen of green cupcakes for Nafisa's 3rd Birthday. Nafisa is a big fan of green so everything was green except for the flowers of course.

These cupcakes were packed individually and decorated using green ribbon too but I didn't take a picture of them.

Receiving 2 smses from mbak Indry :

"Mbak kuenya udah diterima, bagus bgt tp blum dicoba soalnya puasa." (Mbak, have received the cupcakes, very nice, but have not tried any yet as I am fasting)

"Mbak kuenya enak, terima kasih ya mbak udah dibantuin" (Mbak, the cupcake tasted great, thanks for your help).

You are the most welcome mbak Indry...happy to hear that everyone loves the cupcake. My love greeting to cutie Nafisa :-)

Devan's 1st birthday cupcake

Besides ordering birthday cake with Thomas the tank engine theme, Winda also ordered cupcakes with Devan's edible photo.

Wedding Gift for Ikoh & Dandy

This chocolate rich cake was a gift from the company for the wedding of Ikoh and Dandy.

I made 3 layers of chocolate rich cake with ganache filling. The size is 30 x 30cm. And it wasn't easy to find the right and nice box for the cake. I made special order for the box and it cost a lot in total plus the delivery price, but it was worthed.

Happy Wedding Ikoh and Dandy...happily ever after :-)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Thomas & Friends for Devan

This time Winda ordered for her beloved son, Devan, who is celebrating his 1st birthday tomorrow. The theme requested is Thomas & friends.

22cm x 22cm chocolate sponge cake with light ganache and blueberry filling.

When Winda saw the birthday cake, she just loves it and looked excited. Thanks Winda! Happy 1st birthday for Devan.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Chocolate Almond Cake for Melisa's Husband

This time Melisa ordered a chocolate almond cake for her husband's birthday today. According to Melisa, her husband doesn't like sponge cake stuff so I decided to make him a chocolate devil cake using american recipe that is usually butter cake type buat still very moist and chocolaty! It was the same recipe I used for making Meene (Melisa's daughter) one month cake a while ago.

One thing I missed was the wording. I absolutely can't remember even didn't take a note of the wording preference for the cake, so I made it myself for the wording. Gladly that Melisa wasn't mine with it. Thanks Mel!

This morning I received sms from Melisa. They loved the cake as usual and the taste was just perfect for them.

"Lagi nulis sms pas sms mu masuk :-) Kuenya baru aku makan nih. Enak, cantik, gak terlalu manis, coklatnya mantap, cakenya padat cocok sama coklat dan almondnya. Tapi prasaan wordingnya bukn happy bday my love deh hehehe...Udah habis 2 ptg untuk breakfast. Enak pokoke 2 jempol deh."

Thank you Melisa, Happy Birthday to your husband and my love for Max and Meene.

Classic Black Forest

I made this delicious classic black forest on our 7th Anniversary. My husband loves this cake so much. My kids like it too except for the dark cherry filling, they don't really care about it and prefer to eat the cake without the dark cherry filling.

Original recipe taken from NCC Indonesia and as usual I modified the recipe a little bit to adjust it to my husband's taste.

8 kuning telur
6 putih telur
60 gr coklat bubuk
40 gr maizena
100 gr terigu serba guna
1 sdm emulsifier
1 sdt coklat pasta blackforest (my modification)
75 gr margarin + 25 gr butter - lelehkan (my modification, original recipe 100gr margarine)
200 gr gula pasir
1 sdt rhum bakar (or if you don't consume rhum you may substitute it to 1/2 tsp vanilla)
1 sdt baking powder

500 gr butter cream / whipped cream
100 gr DCC (dark cooking chocolate)
1 kaleng cherry hitam
2 sdm maizena larutkan dengan sedikit air
1 sdm Kirsch (if you don't consume alcohol you may substitute it by using 1 tsp cinnamon powder/kayu manis bubuk)
Coklat dan cherry merah untuk hiasan

Simple syrup:
100 gr gula pasir
200 ml air
1 sdm rhum black forest

Cara :
1. Ayak terigu + coklat bubuk + maizena + baking powder
2. Kocok gula pasir + telur + emulsifier sampai mengembang dan kental
3. Masukkan campuran terigu, aduk rata
4. Masukkan margarine dan butter leleh, aduk rata
5. Masukkan rhum bakar dan coklat pasta black forest, aduk rata
6. Tuang dalam Loyang diameter 20cm, oven hingga matang – dinginkan
7. Saring dan pisahkan cherry hitam dari airnya . Potong 2 cherry hitam
8. Panaskan air cherry hitam sampai mendidih.
9. Masukkan larutan maizena dan kirsch (kayu manis), masak lagi sampai mendidih
10.Masukkan potongan cherry hitam, masak sampai mendidih lagi
11.Angkat dari api dan dinginkan
12.Masak gula dan air sampai mendidih, angkat dan dinginkan. Setelah dingin, tambahkan 1 sdm rhum black forest .

1. Potong kue menjadi 2 atau 3 bagian
2. Basahi lapisan pertama dengan symple syrup, lalu tuang sebagian filling dark chery lalu tambahkan Whipped cream yang sudah dikocok kaku.
3. Tutup dengan lapisan ke 2, lakukan hal yang sama sampai semuanya habis.
4. Terakhir tutup semua kue dengan W/P cream.. trus hias dengan cherry merah.. percantik deh sesuka hati..

*) Note : untuk mendampingi filling dark cherry, kemarin aku pake chocolate ganache dan menurutku pas sekali kombinasinya dan bikin lebih yummy.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Assorted cupcakes

While busy with cookies order, my husband asked to made a dozen assorted cupcakes to share with his team at work.

It's a simple one, chocolate cupcakes with swirl and chocolate mold decoration. Packed individually for each person in his team.

Happy Fasting!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Barbie cupcakes for Jasmine's 2nd Birthday

I know Dian, Jasmine's mom thru We Are Mommies mailing list and Multiply. Today is Jasmine's birthday and Dian ordered 3 dozens of barbie theme cupcakes for Jasmine's friends in the neighborhood. I decided to use edible pic for the decor and using white and pink color theme.

For blowing candle ceremony I added 6 complimentary cupcakes for the cutie little Jasmine.

Happy birthday dearest Jasmine, God bless you always my dear!

And here was the text message I received a few days after the birthday from Jasmine's mom :

" Maaf baru sms ya mbak..Tdnya dr hari minggu mau sms tp blm sempet2...kuenya uenak tenan...Jasmine jg suka kuenya..Temen2nya jg seneng dpt cupcake..sekali lagi makasih ya.."

Disney Princess Cake for Kezia

This is the second birthday cake for Kezia with Disney Princess theme. The cake size is a bit smaller, 22 x 22cm chocolate sponge cake with blueberry and ganache filling.

Thank you very much June, Kezia's mom for the 2 birthday cake order. To thank you I add 6 more cupcakes as compliment, hope Kezia will like them.

Here was the text message I receive from June regarding the 2 birthday cakes she ordered for Kezia :

"Wah Kez gembira banget loh mbak Dew. Begt masuk klas langsung diserbu anak2. Sekarang Kez lg cuci boneka2 sambil nyanyi, lupa ma kado2 lom dibuka hehehe...Tx ya gak nyesel deh pesen, rasa OK banget. Kometar Kez, nanti klo aku ultah lagi mau pesen yang harus persis kayak gitu, hehehehe...."

Barbie Princess Cake for Kezia

2 birthday cakes for Kezia and the theme that she chose was princess. I made barbie princess and disney princess theme for her.

Here is the Barbie Princess cake for Kezia 6th birthday. A 26 x 26cm chocolate sponge cake with blueberry and ganache filling.

Happy Birthday Kezia!

Apologize for the pictures, my left hand is still hurt.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Fruity Vanilla Taart

Order from Diah for her birthday today! A moist and delicious vanilla cake with chocolate ganache and blueberry filling topped with assorted fruits.

I always happy and enjoy making any cakes or pies with fruits topping. It's such a lot fun assemble those healthy fruits to give a fresh and natural look to the cakes and fruits.

Happy birthday Diah, hope you enjoy the cake this evening when celebrating your birthday during the breakfasting. My dearest regards to your family, especially Averil and I wish you all the best on your birthday.

Here was the text message I received from mbak Diah regarding the cake :

"Enak mbak kuenya. lucu rasa blueberry campur ganache. Cuma klo buat aku BC nya agak kemanisan. Tp krn aku doyan yg asin2 sih. Krn klo ibuku bilang, manisnya udah pas"

Monday, September 01, 2008

Fruit Pie Ingkan

This time Ingkan wanted to try my fruit pie.

And here is her testemony she sent tru sms after receiving my fruit pie :

"Wi, udah nyampe dengan selamat :-) aku dinginin di kulkas bentar, langsung disajikan. Dalam 5 menit langsung pada nambah, sekarang sisa 1/5 kurang :-) sukses euy...Thanks ya...."

Doraemon for Farrel's 1st Birthday

This time Fajar ordered a Doraemon birthday cake for her son, Farrel. It was a bit difficult to find the complete Doraemon cake toy set for Farrel. After hunting to some cake shops I finally found them in Blossom but Fajar still unsatisfied as it wasn't the complete one. Then Fajar tried to find the complete one to other place and finally found them with an expensive one.

I followed the Doraemon color as the theme for the birthday cake. The cake itself made of 2 layer chocolate sponge cakes with ganache and blueberry filling.

I was happy with this cake. I think Doraemon theme is such a cutie!

Here is the email I received from Fajar regarding Farrel's birthday cake :

Sorry HP ga ada pulsa he..he..
Kuenya meriah, ludes, kurang banyak :-)
Enak bgt, semua anak minta di bagi..awalnya ada anak kecil yg ngomong “aku minta kue doraemon” yaudah deh bagi2 aja dikit2.. anak2 banyak yg minta doraemonnya ha..ha..si arel molongo doang (nggak ngerti)
Pagi ini aja di rumah gw dah ga ada sepotongpun, busetttt…
Ntar jam 11.30 ke meja mbk dewi ya..
Makasih banyak bantuannya memeriahkan ultah Arel.. :-)

Lucunya, sodara kira beli di Holland Bakery, artinya dah waktunya noh, buka toko kue he..he..survey membuktikan :-)

Train Cake for Dilon's 5th Birthday

A train cake for Dilon's 5th birthday ordered by his mom, Mona. Basic cake was 2 layers of 26 x 26cm moist chocolate sponge cake with ganache filling. And the train cake made of chocolate cake and vanilla roll cake.

There was an accident when I decorated the cake. I put the train cake directly on the top of base cake and because of the base cake was very moist and soft it's not strong enough to hold the train cake. Just in an hour after finishing the cake, it's getty messy and I needed to re-decorate the cake from the beginning. I didn't have much time left and everything was in rush.

I wasn't satisfied with the result but Mona and Dilon especially loved it.

Here the sms that I received from Mona after the birthday party.

"Baru aku mau sms Wie, kuenya lucu dan bagus dekornya, rasanya juga ok. Si Dilon jadi seneng banget he3x. Tx banget ya say, kpn2 pesan lg d :)"

(I was just about to sms you Wie, the cake is cute and nice decoration, the taste is OK also. Dilon was very excited he3X. Thank you very much, I will order again sometimes).

Thank you Mona!