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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lapis Surabaya Chocolate Fondant BDCK

This order came from the same person that ordered 2 Lapis Surabaya Chocolate Birthday Cakes. This time she challenged me with combining chocolate & fondant (plastic icing) decoration. I took the challenge and when I did the decoration last night I decided next time I would tell my customer that it's not a good idea actually. The heavy ganache makes the fondant soft, at the same time I need to always check whether the heavy ganache will not melt while I put it outside for decoration. It's impossible to keep the cake in the refrigerator as refrigerator will destroy the fondant.

Well, even though I am not too satisfy with the result, my customer loves it and that's the important thing :-)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lapis Surabaya Chocolate Birthday Cakes

I received order to make 2 chocolate birthday cakes with basic cake Lapis Surabaya (Surabaya Layer Cake).

The flowery one is for the woman's birthday

And the fruity one is for the man's birthday.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Barbie Cake - Plastic Icing

The idea came from the movie of The Princess and The Pauper...one of Ruth's favorite movie from Barbie' series. I love this movie too, especially the songs....very beautiful soundtracks indeed.

The theme must be pink as I dedicated this barbie cake for my lovely princess, Ruth who really loves pink. And while decorating the cake, I sang along one of my favorite soundtrack..."I'm just like you...You're just like me....It's something anyone can see....A heart that beatas, a voice that speaks the truth...Yes, I am a girl like you!"......

Plastic Icing Decorating

Second day of class was learning about Plastic Icing. Wow...I found it very interesting and I think I am in love with plastic icing :-)

First decoration, I was a bit lost but finally I could get myself to finish the decoration. One thing I've found very interesting was making rose from plastic icing was alot easier than butter cream!

But my favorite is Calla Lily! I was amazed how simple and easy to make them. They are beautiful too...no wonder Nike, my best friend who live in OR, really loves and adores this flower :-)

Again, pictures are not good. I will take better pictures of them tonight with my SLR though.

BC Decorating 1

Finally I could set time for joining Cake Decorating Class. I want to be serious in this business that's why I decided to join decorating class.

I am glad that I have made the right decision and I don't regret it at all. On the first day of the class I already received many tips and gained more decorating knowledge that I have found very useful.

Apologize for the pictures as I didn't bring my SLR and I still not familiar with Jeffry's pocket camera.

Improvement and more practice are still needed though :-)

Lapis Surabaya (Surabaya Layer Cake)

This cake is very famous and common for Indonesian as the texture is very moist, soft and the taste is yummy. But, for westerner they will need to think hundred times before consuming or making this kind of cake in their own kitchen as for one recipe you will need 32 egg yolks and 450gr butter.

It was my first time of making the real Surabaya Layer Cake. Before, I just made 3 layer of light sponge cake which contains less eggs and butter.

As customers are always number uno in any business, I must follow their demand. So, I experiment to combine 2 recipes that I've found very interesting and good to try. When the cake done, to be honest...I was amazed with the result as the cake just turned out what I expected. I haven't satisfied 100% though, I still need more advise from expertise but mostly they said for the taste my cake is good. I just need to improve the baking technic and try to use other tips given by Ci' Ine for a better baking result.

I brought some slices at work on the following day and ended up with 4 orders for this coming Friday, yeah!

Lapis Surabaya anyone??? please just give me a call or email me :-)

Monday, January 07, 2008

MUBES Cupcakes

After last December Rully ordered cupcakes for christmas, this time she ordered more for I-Radio listeners who had MUBES (Musyawarah Besar or Big Meeting) on Sunday.
She asked me if I could make various design for the cupcakes and I said "yes, I will try.."
I did some new and old designs for Rully's cupcakes.

So...here they are :

pink & blue

blue & yellow

brown & yellow

flowery 1

flowery 2

pink & purple

pink bow

pink rose

purple flower

red cheery


sun flower

I am glad that Rully happy with the cupcakes so did the Miners who received this cupcake gift from Rully.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Birthday Cake for Maria Christina

In the beginning of 2008, I am thankful to God that my kitchen already received a birthday cake order from colleague here at DHL Express.

Maria Christina is the boss of Operation Department whose birthday was on 1st January. Her secretary, Fong, asked me to make a special birthday cake for her boss to be sent to the office on the 2nd January.
I was a bit nervouse doing this order actually as this cake is for a boss at work and once I make mistake then my kitchen is finished. Glad that staff at operation department likes the decoration. I haven't received testemony for the cake's taste. The basic cake is made from chocolate devil cake recipe with chocolate and mint butter cream filling. And the decoration theme is pink.

Maria Christina's birthday cake

picture taken from the top

flowers around the cake