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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pinky flowery barby doll birthday cake for Nasya

Mbak Diah, Averil's mom contacted me last week and asked me if I would be available to make barbie doll cake for her niece birthday.

The barbie doll should be in colorful pink and it has a base cake which is strawberry cake.

So here it is...I made 2 layer of strawberry sponge cakes with vanilla vla and strawberry paletta filling. Strawberry syrup and butter cream are also provitable for this cake. The barbie cake itself is chocolate butter cake.

There was an accident during the delivery from my home in Cibubur to my office in Pancoran area. As the barbie doll cake is pretty heavy and we got some bumpy road this morning, there was a damage! My heart was srunk looking at decoration damages. But then I managed to get all my decoration stuff delivered to my office this morning and I touched up the decoration at my office pantry.

I called my Diah and explained her everything. Glad she understood the situatiation. This afternoon the cake is on the way for delivery. I decided to divided the cake into 2 boxes. I told mbak Diah to put the barbie doll cake on the base cake by herself just right before the birthday party to avoid more damage.

Besided ordering the cake, actually mbak Dian also orderd 35 cups pudding devided into 3 flavours : chocolate orange, strawberry and almond lychee. I didn't take any picture of them.

Thank yo mbak Diah for your order and your trust. My love for Averil and Nasya!

Here was the text message I received from Mbak Diah that made me soo relieved :-)

"Mbak Dewi, Alhamdulillah semua lancar :-) Kuenya siy so pasti enak! :-) Tadi yang dipotong baru base cake-nya aja untuk temen2 dan guru TK. Barbie cake dibawa pulang untuk syukuran kecil dgn keluarga nanti sore. Thx a lot ya Mbak :-)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Max's 5th Birthday Cake

More repeated order from Melisa, Max's Mom. Today is Max's 5th Birthday and Melisa has ordered this birthday cake since a few weeks ago.

Actually Melisa wanted me to do the fondant figurine for the "Time Before Land" theme but I gave up and finally Melisa gave up too and we ended up with edible picture hehehe...

I made 3 layers of 30 x 30cm chocolate devil cake as Melisa's family is a big fan of my chocolate devil cake. Previously I always made only 2 layer, this time I tried the 3 layers for lovely Max's birthday.

I should apologize if the decoration seems too simple. I alway have a hard time to do boys decoration, girly theme seems much easier for me :-)
My husband said better to be that simple though if it is for a boy, well every body has their own preference. Just wait for Melisa & Max's comments then.

Happy 5th birthday dearest Max, God bless!

And here was Melisa's comment re Max's birthday cake that I copy from my Multiply :

"Cakep ko Dew (beneran, gak cuman ngehibur doang). Kalo pake edible emang dekor selebihnya gak usah rame2. Next time udah pede ya pake figurine hi..hi..hi.. Tks udah ngusahain yang terbaik untuk Max. Sun sayang dari Max (ga sabar nih nunggu kuenya dateng, masih otw ke Serang)"

Sunday, October 26, 2008

AXIS' Cupcakes

Order from the newby 3G operator selular in Indonesia, AXIS.

Chocolate coffee cupcakes with ganache filling decorated with AXIS' edible image. They wanted to have their 3 corporate colors that are pink, yellow and purple on the cupcakes so I made colorful swirls of them.

Thanks AXIS for the order, best wishes for your continuing success!!

Fruit Pie for Olin's Papa Birthday

Olin who lives in Norway ordered this fruit pie for her beloved Papa whose celebrated his 55th birthday last Sunday.

As Olin's Papa doesn't like too much sugar, I cut some sugar on the vla and pie crust.

Thanks Olin for your order, hope your Papa and Mama enjoyed it. Happy birthday to your Papa may God keep him safe and healthy, and bless him always!

Halal Bihalal Chocolate Cake

Order from JJ for his high school Halal Bihalal and reunion last Saturday.

A simple and sweet chocolate cake.

Kekahan's Cupcakes

Apologize me as I don't know what's the word in English for Kekahan and what's the exactly meaning hiks. If I am not mistaken, in Islam, Kekahan is a ceremonial prayer and fellowship for the new baby born. A give thanks to Allah also a hope from the parents and elders for the new baby born. They also sacrifice a lamb during this ceremony and share the lamb to the orphanage. CMIIW.

Dyah, Aurell's mom who previously ordered birthday cake during Eidul Fitri holiday, this time ordered some cupcakes for a gift to her best friend whose held Kekahan Ceremony last Saturday.

As her friend is a big fan of chocolate, I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache filling and put chocolate toppers.

I made some for Aurell too with the same theme but add some more cupcakes with girly theme, too bad didn't get a chance to take picture of Aurell's cupcakes.

Thank you very much mbak Dyah for your repeated order.

Here was the YM message I received from her this morning :

idm_tanti: pagi mbak dewi..thanks ya cupcakesnya...aurel seneng banget..lucu2 sampe dia gak tega mau makannya tuh...
kristiantidewi: waaahh lega deh thanks ya
idm_tanti: iya temen ku juga bilang ih mbak ini coklat toh hiasannya kirain mainan...wah tau aja kesenenganku katanya...
kristiantidewi: hehehehe...syukurlah
idm_tanti: sekali lagi makasih banyak ya...
kristiantidewi: sama-sama mbak Dyah

Friday, October 24, 2008

Pink proposal cake

Mbak Tuti, my loyal customer this time gave me a challenge by ordering a cake for proposal ceremony and she wanted the decoration by using melted buttercream. I don't know if the word is right hahahaha...in bahasa we call it (Butter Cream Siram methode).

I still not satisfied with the result and this encourage me to take the next class of butter cream course. Hopefully before end of this year I can join it.

The basic cake is as usual, my Tuti's favorite, vanilla butter cream with chocolate ganache.

Thank you mbak Tuti for your order and new challenge. Awaiting for your testemony on this cake :-)

2nd Farewell Chocolate Cake Mutia

The second chocolate cake Mutia ordered was for her former company before joining IAHC.

It's 18 x 18cm size, 2 layer of chocolate sponge cake with coffee syrup and filling chocolate ganache and blueberry.

The finishing of this cake is even worst as last night was pretty humid and my ganache was melting, hiks. I do really apologize Mutia for this, even she still happy and being positive what a sweet of her.

Thank you so much Mutia for your orders. I am wishing you all the best for your continuing success on your new assigment.

Farewell Chocolate Cake Muthia

Muthia ordered 2 farewell chocolate cakes for her colleagues today.

The first cake' size is 28 x 28cm...2 layer of chocolate sponge cake with coffee syrup and filling chocolate ganache & blueberry. I just don't like my hand writing on the cake, very bad! I do apologize Muthia for this.

Just received text message from Mutia regarding the cake :

"Mbak cake nya dah nyampe, enak pada rebutan, untung gak kurang. Makasih ya..."

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ruth's 5th Birthday Cake

Today is my little princess' birthday. I can't belive she is turned out 5 already!

I made this one little cake for family celebration tonight. Two layer of chococlate sponge cakes with coffee syrup, chocolate ganache filling and topping full chocolate ganache also.

Ruth wants her birthday cake should be a chocolate colorful cake and that's what I could do for her hehehe...She saw her cake this morning and very happy with it.

Happy Birthday Sweetie...Mom, Dad & adek Jo love you always. God bless!

Birthday Fruit Pies for Pak Edi

My colleagues from Marketing Department wanted to have something for their boss' birthday. Pak Edi doesn't cake about cakes as he has high colesterol.

I suggested fruit pies and gladly every one in Marketing Department agreed.

I made one 15cm round fruit pies and put Pak Edi edible picture in it, and added 26 mini fruit pies around. Each mini pie carrying letter saying "Happy Birthday Pak Edi" and some little candles. I cut egg yolks and butter from the recipe but still turned out with great taste as I added more vanilla in the vla.

Happy Birthday Pak Edi, wish you all the best and best wishes for your continuing success.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Heni's birthday cake

Mbak Heni is one of my loyal customer who lives accross the street :-)
Last Sunday was her birthday and she wanted to celebrate her birthday by inviting orphanage kids.

I made her 30 x 30cm chocolate blueberry cake with pink decoration as requested.

As usual she satisfied and very happy with cake.

Thanks mbak Hen and again happy birthday!

Cup puddings

Mbak Ika, my neighbor ordered 70 cup puddings for Posyandu kids. The pudding should have milk in it ya mbak, asked Ika. Absolutely jeung... hehehehe...

I made chocolate and strawberry flavour.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Vinge's 6th Birthday Cake

Lynda, Vinge's aunty is a friend of mine that I met thru Multiply. It's nice to know Lynda in cyber world. Even though we haven't met each other we have talked on the phone and emails. Lynda is such a nice person, really want to meet her personally someday when she is back to Indonesia, her home country. Right now she is living in Netherlands.

Lynda ordered this birthday cake for her lovely niece, Vinge. Lynda request for pink and white color to match to the princess theme. I chose princess Aurora as I think she is lovely and pretty besides her dress is pink hehehe....2 layers of chocolate sponge cake with chocolate ganache and blueberry filling for Vinge today.

Hope Vinge and family will love it.

Happy 6th Birthday deares Vinge! and again thank you Lynda for your repeated order :-)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Kaka's baby shower cupcakes

Kaka, Reuben's mom besides ordered cupcakes for Reuben's birthday also ordered some for baby shower. Yes, Kaka is expecting her 2nd baby and seems it's gonna be a girl! I am so happy for you Ka!

Kaka ordered coffee flavour with chocolate chips filling cupcakes. And the theme should be the baby girl. So I made some chocolate toppings for the decoration plus add a yellow fondant flower to make them brighter.

Again thank you so much for your order, Ka. We pray that you will deliver the baby girl on time and everything will go smooth, safe and healthy both for you and the baby.

God bless!

Reuben's 4th Birthday cupcakes

I have been friends with Rebecca for years. We come from the same place, Salatiga, a tiny freshy little town in Central Java :-)

We went to the same high school, same university but different major and same church. We also joined the same program in late 90's, IVEP.

A while ago Kaka, that's how I call her, called me and talked about her plan to order some cupcakes for her son's birthday, Reuben. As Kaka only mentioned "Reuben's 4th birthday" for the theme, I decided to use Sisil's idea for the initial decoration - thanks Sil!. I made the little flag saying "Reuben's 4th Birthday" it's such fun and I think I will do the same in the future for other birthday cupcakes :-)

It's chocolate chips cupcakes, individually wrapped in yellow ribbon.

Glad Kaka loves the cake, she sent me email just now :


Thanks cupcakes-nya, they are so cute…



You are the most welcome Ka, my best greeting to Suko and Reuben :-)

Almond Lecy Pudding

This is another dessert I made for Halal Bihalah.

Recipe taken from NCC. I didn't use the canned cocktail, used lecy instead. Yummy!

Orange Mini Pie

There was a Halal Bihalal in my neighborhood and I made 2 dessert for the fellowship. As usual...everyone just love my orange mini pie.

For the pie crust, I use the same recipe from here.

And for the vla I've just modified a little bit the vla recipe I got from NCC. Subtituted the vanilla pasta with 2 teaspoons lemon pasta.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Ben 10 for Alief's 5th Birthday

The last order I made during the Eidul Fitri 2008 was Ben 10 theme for Alief's 5th birthday.

Alief's birthday was on 2nd October which was the second day of Eidul Fitri. Actually mbak Fitri would like to order to my other baking friend, mbak Yulia Maki but as mbak Yulia Maki gone to her kampoeng hehehehe.....she refered myself to mbak Fitri. Thanks Maki!!!

And here was the text message I receive from mbak Fitri :

"Mbak Dewi, thanks atas kuenya ultah Alief sgt meriah dan dia seneng banget dengan kuenya, temen2nya apalagi sampe gk sabar pada pgn colek colek dan uenak tenan je. Sodara2 gk percaya itu edible bisa dimakan, hehehe...thanks smuanya ya.."

Cuppies for Eidul Fitri & Karin's Anniversary

I feel so bad now that I didn't have energy to take picture of cuppies that Karin ordered before the Eidul Fitri.

Karin, my best friend since college, actually ordered 4 dozen of cupcakes for Eidul Fitri and one dozen for her anniversary. But I was just overwhelmed with everything so when finishing her cuppies I just delivered them directly without taking any picture.

Here was the text message I received from Karin, expressing her satisfaction of my cuppies :

"Aik, thanks ya for the nice n beautiful cuppies. We like it... :-) My niece loves the flowers"

You are the most welcome Karin, sorry I don't keep any photo of your cuppies. If you have one please send me so I can post it on my blog. My best greeting to Wibi and your cute son, Rafa.

Barbie Cake for Rena's 3rd Birthday

Another Barbie doll cake for Rena, Sylvia's daughter. Rena birthday was one day before the Eidul Fitri and Sylvia was afraid if I wouldn't be able to help her to make the cake for Rena. Since a month before Sylvia contacted me to make sure that I would say yes to her.

Don't worry Sylvia, as we've been good friends for a few years and since I know that you willing to travel from Tangerang to my home at Cibubur to pick up the cake, so there was no reason for me to say no.

Happy Birthday Rena!

Here was the test message I received from Sylvia after the birthday :

"Dear Dewi, thanks a lot untuk barbie cake nya. Rena happy banget! Tiap mau dipotong kuenya, dia selalu bilang 'eh jangan....jangan dulu dipotong, Ma! :-) I have promised her to order barbie cake for her birthday, and cake order for 1 day prior to Idul Fitri....you've just saved me for that :) Thanks again Dewi...Semoga makin sukses bisnis kuenya ya. GBU. Syvia & Rena"

Princess Ariel for princess Aurell

I received email from Aurell's mom a few weeks before Aurell's birthday ordering a pink Ariel's theme birthday cake for her lovely princess Aurell :-)

Actually Aurell's mom was desperate as Aurell's birthday was close to Eidul Fitri then she was afraid that none of home bakers would be able to help her to make a surprise for her little princess.

So when I said yes to her, she was very happy.

Here was the sms she sent the next day after the cake delivery :

"Pagi mbak Dewi, makasih banget kuenya yummy banget and lucu. Anakku seneng bgt kejutannya....Pokoke thanks a lot for make it happen"

You are very welcome mbak!

The birthday cake was 2 layer of vanilla sponge cake with filling vanilla and strawberry.

Chocolate Fruit Taart Cake for Eidul Fitri 2008

This chocolate fruit taart cake was really a blast for my kitchen during Eidul Fitri 2008. I made 14 of them in total.

Thank you to Mr A who ordered 13 of them and Ms S for the other one cake.

The people who received this cake gift from Mr A for Eidul Fitri said : "the cake was absolutely delicious and yummy!"

I didn't take picture of the whole 14 cakes....this one cake is represent the other 13 cakes and apologize for the standard pic as the baker was too tired to take the right photo hehehehe... :-)

Do you wanna try?....you know where to order..*wink*

Classic Black Forest for Tian's Birthday

Order came from JJ's boss. He wanted a 24cm square classic black forest for his relative's birthday.

Well it wasn't 100% classic as I added some mandarin oranges to give a more look hehehe...

I am glad that JJ's boss and family happy and satisfied with the cake...the classic look, rhum taste and everything just met their expectation.

Thanks Pak for your order hehehe... :-)

Barbie Cake for Jasmine's 7th Birthday

Besides ordering some cupcakes, mbak Leni also ordered a barbie cake for Jasmine's birthday.

Mbak Leni wanted it looked same as I made for Kezia, but I told mbak Leni usually I can't make everything the same. Seems boring for me, so I asked her permission to make a little different for the barbie cake and she agreed.

Happy Birthday cutie Jasmine!