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Monday, May 03, 2010

Cupcakes on tier for Nadine's 6th Birthday

So happy to finally meeting mbak Ana Lumintang, Nadine's mom and the whole family. Mbak Ana becoming Joris' Kitchen's customer since last year. She ordered barbie doll cake for Nadine's 5th birthday. This year, to celebrate Nadine's 6th Birthday, Mbak Ana ordered cupcakes on tier with barbie doll cake on the top.

There was a cute story behind the barbie doll cake. Mbak Ana challenged me to find a barbie doll with black hair to represent cutie Nadine that has long black beautiful hair. Secondly, the barbie doll cake should be in Nadine's future elementary school uniform. That's okay to have blown skirt like princess gown as long as the skirt color is blue, Nadine's future elementary' school uniform, said mbak Ana. So here it is!...Princess Nadine in her future elementary school's uniform :-)

I made 100 chocolate cupcakes and a few more as bonus to be put on the tier. Decorated with butter cream and Nadine's edible image pictures. Too bad forgot to take picture of each individual cupcake before I packed them in mika.

The party was held in KFC Kemang. I took my kids there to accompanied me preparing the cupcakes on the tier. They had chance to play in the play ground while I am working and had some KFC stuff, they were so happy. And when finally we met Nadine and family, Nadine invited Ruth and Jonathan to join the party. The party was a blast, my kids loved to be part of it.

Mbak Ana, Nadine, thank you very much for everything. It's so great to finally met you all and get to know you and your family better. God bless!

Double Chocolate Birthday Cake for Ola

More and more orders for double chocolate cakes, yuhuuuu!....I think it's gonna be the best seller cake for 2010 as many customers love to order this cake as a gift.

For Ola on her birthday, a special double chocolate cake from my warm kitchen, ordered by the love ones, Ericson.

Happy birthday, Ola...all the best and GBU!

Cupcakes set for wedding gift

Order from the east Indonesia, mbak Indah in Kuala Kencana, Papua...wow!.... for mbak Indah and Mas Adji beloved friends, Herry & Naomi on their wedding day in Jakarta.

16 chocolate cupcakes with blueberry filling decorated with butter cream, edible images and gumpaste flowers.

Thank you very much mbak Indah for your order. Hope Herry and Naomi enjoyed the cake.

Double chocolate cake for Linda Khoe

Busy weekend but thanks God, all orders could be done on time and all customers were happy :-)

Double chocolate cake ordered from the US and dedicated for lovely Linda Khoe.

Happy birthday Linda, hope you like the cake...and thank you very much Mr P for the order :-)