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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Vintage's cupcakes (Horor's experience!!)

Mbak Rosi, contacted me last week asking me whether I would be available to make cupcakes as wedding gift for her friend, Novie. I said yes.

Then mbak Rosi told me that she wanted me to do the vintage theme as the wedding theme itself was vintage.

Poor me, don't understand much about vintage thing. Searching in the internet looking at some samples of vintage cupcakes, dealing with my weakness of not able to make fondant roses, etc...finally I came up with my own idea and design. I just love the color and the decoration even though maybe looks too simple and not neat enough. Yes, there are still area to be improved for some one like me...an amateur!

But then the horor thing came up. When the cupcakes were delivered, I got a call from mbak Rosi. Mbak Rosi told me that she found ants in cupcakes plates. I was shocked when hearing that news, speechless. Until the packing time this morning, everything was fine. Nepi, my baking assistant also told me the same thing, the plate cleaned, no ants at all...

Oh well....sometimes shit happens. I do apologize mbak Rosi and promised her that I will replace the whole package with the new one tomorrow and deliver it directly to the bride.

I thank my Rosie for her patient and understanding, I do apologize and next time I will treat all my cakes and cupcakes more careful and always bring them in a prayer. Yes, to be honest...I was too confident and too pride to pray for my cupcakes. Good lesson I've got today! Thank you mbak Yuli, my dearest sister for your reminder...pray...pray and always pray in everything we do!

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