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Friday, January 30, 2009

15th Wedding Anniversary Cake - Sulvi

Besides cuppies, mbak Sulvi also ordered the anniversary cake for home celebration. As Raffli, her son, allergic to chocolate, she requested vanilla cake with blueberry filling.

I decided to use pinky theme as Mbak Sulvi kinda likes pinky...and yes, she loves the cake so much!

Thanks mbak Sul for your order. My best regards to your lovely family, best wishes and God bless!

15th Wedding Anniversary Cuppies - Sulvi

Order from my colleague, mbak Sulvi to celebrater her 15th wedding anniversary today.

Mbak Sulvi ordered some chocolate cupcakes with lollypop swirl. I gave her some edible picture bonus among other cuppies she ordered.

Happy Wedding Anniversary ya mbak Sul...God bless!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chocolate Cake for mbak Endang

Mbak Endang, a sweet friend that I met thru Multiply, ordered this chocolate cake for today. And I've just found out from my trustable source that actually today is mbak Endang's birthday so she ordered the cake for herself.

I wish I would have known it earlier so that I could bake an extra for you mbak!

Happy Birthday mbak Endang, thank you for your order!

Cuppies for Ning's Birthday

Order from my lovely brother, Wisnu for his fiance birthday, Ning.

A dozen of chocolate coffee cupcakes with color theme green and pink. Glad that Ning and family love the cupcakes.

Happy Birthday Ning!

Chocolate Edible Image Birthday Cake

Another order from A Hui. A 26cm square chocolate birthday cake with unique edible image that refers to the birthday man :-)

2 layer of chocolate cake with ganache and peaches filling. The great story behind this order was about the delivery. A night before at 10am I tried to find a delivery man who able and willing to pick up the cake at 4:30am on the next day in my house then deliver it to Tomang area right away. Thank you to Pak Yadi who was successfully did the mission impossible pick up and delivery! :-)

And thanks a lot A Hui for your repeated order, always fun with your orders hahahaha....

Purple & Pink Cuppies for Aura

Order from Ibu Utari for Aura's birthday. Simple request, pink and purple cuppies with basic cupcakes flavour, chocolate.

1 set of 16 cupcakes and 4 sets of 3 cupcakes.

Thank you Ibu Utari for your order.

Apple Pie

First time order for Apple Pie, coming from mbak Tina. This is my favorite apple pie ever and I used the recipe that Roxie Snyder gave me.

The butter flavour, cinnamon and apples just blended perfectly. I used grany smith apples for this pie but thinking to make another batch for myself this weekend by using mixed apples between grany smith and local Indonesian apples, will be interesting :-)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fruit Taart/Pie for Lunar New Year

Order from Betsy in Raffles Hills for her boss who celebrates Lunar New Year.

I always love making any kind of pie. Pie is always great for dessert and fruit pie or some people call it fruit taart is always great for any occasion. Just can't wait to make another kind of pie tonight, it's gonna be my favorite pie ever...the classic one...currious?...stay tune on joriskitchen.blogspot.com :-)

Colorful cuppies for Angelic

I think I need to thank to mbak Tuti as since her first order to me last year almost all her colleagues at work starting to order cakes and cupcakes to Joris' Kitchen. Angelic is one of them.

Angelic ordered cuppies with coffee flavour and for decoration she preferred to have butter cream icing. As she didn't gave me any specific theme, I just made some colorful swirl for her.

Thank you Angelic for your order.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Basket ball theme birthday cake

Order from Melisa for her nephew, Dimas, who loves basket ball. Dimas was celebrating his 15th birthday and as a teenager the decoration should not be too childish, special message from Melisa.

It took about 2 hours for me in the middle of the night, thinking of what I was going to do with the cake. Finally I came up with this simple decor about basket ball. I hope Dimas would like his birthday cake.

Thanks a lot Mel for your repeated order.

The Chimney Cupcakes

It suppose to be the chimneys of Titanic Ship but hardly to tell what it is, isn't it?. Order came from Maya that wanted to have one of the Titanic ship's chimney on the top of cupcakes + colorful butter cream.

It was kind of hard for me to translate her request as I couldn't imagine the combination between one chimney and colorful butter cream, seems doesn't match for me but as this was the request from the customer than I had to do it as requested.

I'm not too satisfied with these chimneys as without the ship it's hard to tell that it's a chimney of the ship. Besides using fondant during the very bad humid weather recent days just screw up everything.

Thank you mbak Maya for your order.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Flowery cuppies for A Hui

More order from A Hui. Thanks a lot A Hui!! :-)

This time A Hui only mentioned that she wanted order chocolate cupcakes, what about the decoration? She said...up to you...I trust you...just make them pretty for me!

Thinking of my favorite theme, girly and flowery, I made these cute cuppies only for you, A Hui :-)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Brevian's 1st Birthday Cupcakes

For Brevian's 1st Birthday Cupcakes, I made several kind of cupcake's decorations as requested by Martini and husband.

For the 18 cupcakes to be put on the tier, they wanted to have piggy and boys girls' figurines and 1 cupcake for the candle to be put on, I put 4 strawberries around. My second time playing with fondant to make figurines, still need a lot of improvement but one thing that I can be proud of myself that finally I could encourage myself to work with figurines, one of my 2009 resolutions :-)

The next 15 cupcakes were chocolate cupcakes decorated with lollypop swirl and Brevian's edible pictures.

And the last 26 cupcakes were vanilla & lemon cupcakes decorated with whipped cream and fruits.

Happy Birthday Brevian may God continue to bless you and shower you with His love. Thank you very much Martini & husband for the trust as I am still a beginner in figurines. God bless you all! :-)

Friday, January 09, 2009

Hand bags & shoes cupcakes

This order came from Tareena. Tareena found me from searching in the internet. Really a challenge for me and there is no way to say No as figurine is one of my 2009 resoulution. :-)

Tareena asked for 24 vanilla cupcakes decorated with miniature LV handbags and shoes. I am not a fancy person, don't have any LV handbag nor LV shoes too, soo this is what I got from searching in the LV website but as I am still a very beginner, I don't think they look like the real one though.

Thank you Tareena for trusting me and gave me this chance. I do really appreciate it.

Ben 10 for Aldi's 8th Birthday

Kiki, my colleague ordered Ben 10 birthday cake for her eldest son, Aldi. This time Kiki wants very chocolaty cake with very minimum use of butter cream.

So here it is, 20cm rich chocolate cake decorated with Ben 10 cake toys and edible image.

Thank you mbak Kiki for your repeated order.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Price List 2009

Dear all,

Di tahun 2009, Joris' Kitchen terus berusaha untuk memberikan yang terbaik bagi para pelanggan. Terima kasih untuk setiap support yang sudah diberikan di tahun 2008, kami menunggu pesanan selanjutnya dari anda :-)

Berikut ini jenis kue yang bisa dipesan sepanjang tahun 2009

Brownis kukus coklat black forest = Rp 37,500 (minimal pemesanan 2 pak)

Brownis pandan keju dan ketan hitam = @ Rp 37,500 (minimal pemesanan 2 pak)

Chocolate Chips with nuts Brownie (panggang) = Rp 40,000 (minimal pemesanan 2 pak)

Lidah kucing original = Rp 40,000/toples uk. 400gr (minimal pesanan 2 toples)

Lidah kucing mocca = Rp 40,000/toples uk. 400gr (minimal pesanan 2 toples)

Lidah kucing coklat = Rp 45,000/toples uk. 400gr (maaf belum ada foto, minimal pesanan 2 toples)

Lidah kucing keju = Rp 55,000/toples uk. 400gr (minimal pesanan 2 toples)

Fruit pie dengan filling vla = Rp 185,000 (uk. 22cm)

Fruit pie dengan filling cream cheese = Rp 235,000 (uk. 22cm)

Triple Chocolate Chilled Cheese Cake / fruit chilled cheese cake = Rp 250,000 (uk. 22cm)

Black Forest mulai harga Rp 180,000 (kotak 18cm/bulat dia 20cm)

Chocolate rich cake mulai harga Rp 180,000 (kotak 18cm/bulat dia 20cm)

Chocolate rich cake with fruits topping mulai harga Rp 195,000 (kotak 18cm/bulat dia 20cm)

Aneka Taart ulang tahun dan hantaran mulai harga Rp 180,000 (kotak 18cm/bulat dia 20cm)

Aneka taart hantaran dengan hiasan buah mulai harga Rp 195,000 (kotak 18cm/bulat dia 20cm)

Barbie cake = Rp 275,000

Cupcakes dengan standard liner = @ Rp 9,000

Cupcakes dengan standard liner dan hiasan permen coklat lolly = @ Rp 11,000

Cupcakes dengan standard liner dengan hiasan edible image = @ Rp 11,000

Cupcakes dengan momma liner = @ Rp 11,000

Cupcakes dengan momma liner with edible image = @ Rp 13,000

Ketentuan khusus untuk Kue Ulang Tahun
- Kue ulang tahun dengan pemakaian edible image dikenakan additional charge mulai dari Rp 40,000 per lembar edible image tergantung dengan design edible yang diminta. (harga edible sewaktu-waktu bisa berubah tergantung dari supplier)-
- Kue ulang tahun dengan hiasan back ground kue, figurin non edible maupun edible dikenakan additional charge sesuai dengan jenis yang dipakai.

Ketentuan khusus untuk Cupcakes
- Cupcakes dengan hiasan edible figurin dikenakan additional charge sesuai dengan tingkat kesulitan edible figurin.
- Packing dengan tabung mika dan pita dikenakan additional charge Rp 1,500

Lain-lain :
- Packing dengan kemasan khusus dikenakan charge yang berbeda sesuai dengan packing yang diminta, juga berlaku untuk cake hantaran maupun ulang tahun.
- Harga diatas belum termasuk ongkos kirim.

Bila ada pertanyaan silahkan menghungi saya. Selain kue-kue diatas, Joris' Kitchen juga melayani pemesanan snack manis dan asin untuk rapat, arisan maupun catering. Dan setiap pemesanan mohon dikonfirmasikan ke alamat email joriskitchen@gmail.com atau bisa sms / telpon ke nomor 0817 9852792 atau YM : kristiantidewi@yahoo.com

Uang muka senilai 50% dari total pemesanan wajib dibayarkan maksimal 3 hari sebelum tanggal pemesanan ke rekening:

BCA KCU Menara Bidakara
a/n Kristianti Dewi Joris
Rekening No # 4501389131

Tanpa pembayaran uang muka maka pemesanan dianggap belum konfirm.

Demikian, terima kasih untuk perhatiannya dan ditunggu pesanannya.

Salam manis,
Dewi Joris