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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Nabila & Nanda's Birthday Cakes

By the end of this year 2007 there are 2 little girls celebrates their birthdays. Nabila, the daughter of my colleague who celebrates her 3rd birthday and Nanda, our driver's daughter who celebrates her first birthday.
Order from Nabila's mom, Cici, is a chocolate devil cake with Barbie decoration theme. Colour theme is pink and the decoration should has bridge in it. I made 3 layer of chocolate devil cake covering with pink butter cream. And the decoration came up like these :

Barbie in the small park

left, right and back side decoration

Nabila - beautiful name and I like the way writing her name on her cake

Nabila's 3rd birthday cake

For Nanda, I made 2 layers of vanilla sponge cake with filling vanilla butter cream and strawberry paletta. As Nanda is not too girly, I made animals theme for her first birthday cake.

Animals gathered in the jungle

I wrote Nanda's name around the cake

Nanda's first birthday cake

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Cup cakes for Lenny

This is the last order I received for 24th December and came from my colleague, Lenny. When I did the decorating, it was already around 4:30 am and I already very lack of energy. I couldn't think of anything instead of making swirl and pouring it with sprikles...so I did it.

Glad that Lenny liked the cup cakes even though I thought it would have been easier if Lenny gave me a theme :-)

5th & 6th Orders from Peppy

Well, 5th & 6th orders from Peppy actually were steamed brownies and cookies.

I didn't take any picture of the steamed brownies as I didn't do much decorating for the steamed brownis. Peppy asked for the special ones and I am thinking that starting next year I will only do the special brownies ones as it is more fun and tasty. I decorated the packing with christmas bow to make it nicer and more special.

For cookies, Peppy ordered Mocca & Cheese Katetong (cat tounge - aka lidah kucing in bahasa) plus chocolate chips oatmeal cookies.

I only took one picture on chocolate chips oatmeal cookies.
I am glad that Peppy loves everything I made for her including doing the wrapping of christmas gift for her nephews and nieces - she ordered motif towels as christmas gift and asked me whether I could do the wrapping also. She said everything was beautiful and she thank me for that. Well, for a loyal customer like Peppy....especially as she is my very dear friend...I will do anything to make her happy and for this christmas, I've tried to do my best to make her Christmas merrier...even though it turned out a bit messy and I had to apologize for that also :-)
Merry Christmas dearest Peppy, thank you for everything!

Christmas Muffins

4th order from Peppy : chocolate chips muffin & chocolate chips oatmeal muffin with some christmas decoration of course.

There was an accident when I made the chocolate chips muffin. Maybe I was too tired so I didn't think wright and becoming careless. I put baking soda instead of baking powder to the batter and it made the muffin tasted so wrong! I realized that something went wrong when Jonathan came to the kitchen and made a little mess with pouring the flour on the floor and made fun of it. I told him to stopped and he just kept doing it. When he then trying to open the baking soda can, there I realized that I have done something wrong! Soon when the muffin done, I tried one and yes, I have made a huge mistake! Thanks to Jonathan, if he didn't make any mess on my kitchen I would have not been realized that I have done something wrong to the batter. So...I have to re-do the chocolate chips muffin and this time I really made sure that everything was right.

I was also a bit confused with Peppy request for Christmas decoration for muffin. Well muffin is for decoration - if it's decorated then it becomes cup cakes hehehehehehe...but I didn't want to dissapoint my great customer like Peppy. I decided to make a simple christmas decoration for the muffins using melted DCC (dark cooking chocolate) and pouring them with christmas sprinkles. Glad that Peppy liked it and even my colleague when seeing the muffins said that they look great and cute.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cheese Sponge Cake for Christmas

3rd order from Peppy : cheese sponge cake

Cheese sponge cake actually is my favorite one. Sponge cake is light and soft...and to moist the cake I pour simple syrup with rhum to give it more taste. Filling is cheese butter cream and after putting the vanilla butter cream around the whole cake, pouring shreded cheddar cheese as many as you want.

To make it special as this is a christmas time, I put some simple christmas decorations and green cheries to make it look nicer. I was kind of desperate when trying to write down "Merry Christmas" greeting on the top of shredded cheese....it's sooo difficult and I had to try it more than twice. Finally I got it and eventhough it's not the best one but at least it's the best of the worst hahahahahahaha....

Chocolate Devil with Blueberry

2nd order from Peppy : chocolate cake with blueberry....and I decided to use chocolate devil cake recipe for the basic cake instead of classic chocolate sponge cake.

As this is a special occasion I made it special too for Peppy :-)

I made three layers of cake, with chocolate ganache & blueberry jam filling. For the decoration, I made chocolate toppers and put them on the cake. I keep the decoration as simple as possible. Final touch....pouring christmas sprinkles on the top of the cake.

Christmas Cup Cakes - Peppy

Peppy gave me a huge order for christmas this time and her orders really made me sleepless for two days. I really glad I could finish everything in time and even though I was a bit messy in managing the time, so far everything was pretty good.

First order : christmas cup cakes for nephews & nieces.

Peppy wants the whole cup cakes have her nephews & nieces' names and should be also individually packed as part of christmas gift.

So...here they come.....basic cake - chocolate butter cake...I decided to make christmas wreath decoration using christmas springkles and white flower from fondant

Bush -nothing to do with American Bush though... :-)

Peppy's nephews & nieces
individually packing

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cup Cakes for Rarry - Mama Lintang

Rarry is one of my contacts at Multiply. She dropped me an email at joriskitchen@gmail.com to order 3 1/2 dozens cupcakes for today. She wanted me to make 3 different flavors : chocolate, strawberry and lemon. I just love the lemon one! Very refreshing...I combined sisilia lemon paste and lime juice - I didn't have lemon so I substituted it with lime and turned out just perfect and fresh!

fresh lemon cupcakes

very chocolaty cupcakes

yummy strawberry cupcakes

For decorating, Rarry asked for colorful and girly theme so I decided to make 4 different kinds of decorating and all of those are flowery.

1st decorating : blue & pink with white flower

2nd decorating : sun flowers

3rd decorating : pale orange roses

4th decorating : garden flowers

I am glad Rarry loves the cupcakes. I received sms from her this morning saying like this (sorry in bahasa Indonesia) :

Duh jeng...thx bgt ya...cupcakenya enak n cute, smp ada tmnku mau psn, cm u 25dec. Aku blg,wah tau bisa ato ga,krn b' dewinya x-mas,hehehehe...kl ga bs ga maksa kok mba. paham kok, kan x'mas. Once again thx u so much ya...puas nih :-)

(she said she satisfied with the cupcakes. They taste good and cute...her friend even wanted to make an order too, but as the order is for 25 December and I want to focus on family time for Christmas I have to postpone the order until after christmas).

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Cup Cakes

Christmas cupcakes to share

I absolutely forgot when Rullya, reminded me about her 4 dozen christmas cup cakes for today. I ended up made 5 dozens as another one dozen was dedicated for Ruth's teachers.

Even though I didn't have enough time to prepare the cup cakes as I have been drawning by the christmas cookie's order, the cup cakes turned out pretty good. I made four differents decoratings.

First decor - bells' white chocolate topper

Second decorating : Christmas wreath

Third decorating : red and green - christmas colors

Fourth decorating : Christmas tree
Christmas wreaths for Ruth's teachers

When Rullya shared the cup cakes to our colleages who celebrated christmas some of them e-mailed me or called me mentioned that they like the cup cakes. The taste, decorating even packing was great, they said.

I am glad knowing that my cup cakes have made Rully's christmas even merrier....Thank you Rullya for the order...Merry Christmas to you and your beloved family.....and Merry Christmas too everyone!!

Cup Cakes for Baby Boy

Dedicated to my colleague, Winda, who delivered a cute baby boy - Devan who was born 3 months ago. I didn't get a chance to see Devan yet, but cup cakes from my kitchen is representing my greetings to him :-)

I made same decoration for Iie' baby boy. Iie' was used to be one of my models when I still active taking picture and joint the photography club..

This time I made the white chocolate topper by myself...amazingly...very quick and easy :-))

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Ultra Man, Naruto & Swirl flowers

I went to Bandung with my family last weekend and bringing some cup cakes for my MPers friends. Lisa, one of my MPers friend in Bandung ordered some cup cakes for his beloved son, Huga. As Huga is a big fan of Naruto & Ultra Man the cup cakes using edible Ultra man & Naruto.

The cupcakes were full of chocolate, I made them from chocolate butter cake with ganache topping.

As a gift I made another batch for Patty, Lisa and Ida. Chocolate cup cakes with ganache and mint topping and they just love them.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Chocolate Devil Cake

My colleague actually requested for Triple Chocolate Cake, but as I failed making good chocolate sponge cake twice, I switched the cake to chocolate devil cake and it turned out just perfect!

I used minimilized decoration and surprisingly many people like the decoration :-)
Apologize for the picture quality...I didn't have time anymore to take the good one as I was run out time so I took the cake pictures at work using my mobile phone.