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Monday, July 27, 2009

(suppose to be) Barbie Mariposa for Chacha

It was a nice surprise to receive a call from mbak Tuti Magdalena. It's been 2 years Mbak Tuti becoming Joris' Kitchen customer. After checking my posting about Barbie Mariposa for Caca, mbak Tuti ordered the similar one for her daughter that has same name as Devi's nama. Chacha...pronounce the same with Caca but different spelling.

The difference is Devi provided the butterfly wings and mbak Tuti asked me to make it from edible image. I was thinking of stereoform to form the butterfly shape but mbak Tuti prefers using chocolate. So I tried to cover the edible image with chocolate and it becomes too heavy to be put on. I was kind of mad at myself but the no time anymore to make the new wings using stereoform.

I'd like to apologize to mbak Tuti that I have dissapointed them as the barbie cake turned becoming Mariposa without wings.

Anyway, thank you very much mbak Tuti for your loyal order and as usual, mbak Tuti is a vanilla butter cake lover so the base cake for Chacha's birthday all is deep yummy vanilla butter cake. As mbak Tuti doesn't really care about fondant, for the base cake I used butter cream icing instead.

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