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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chocolate Cake

There are so many kind of chocolate cakes. Anytime I made chocolate cake I almost always got a new idea of how to make it different.

When some one said, "up to you" actually it can be good or headache hehehe....The mood is one factor. When people said "up to you" and we're in a good mood then no problem. Now imagine that you're not in a good mood, not 100% fit then people said "up to you"...for me, I would prefer to go back to my hide under my blanket and continue sleeping rather than finishing the cake, hahahahah!

It's been 2 days I only had about 2 hour sleep and that's hard. Last night I was like loosing my mind when doing this chocolate cake for my dear best friend, Wenny, whom I would have lunch with this afternoon. I was kind of got bored with any kind of chocolate cake I've ever made so with a bit rushing of time I decided to combine the vanilla custard and ganache for the filling then covered the cake with full ganache and pouring some white shreded white chocolate to give it a little bit more color and taste.

Hope Wenny and family would like this cake, if not then just not making the same kind next time, hehehehehe....just make it simple, right.

*need a little nap badly....*

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