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Monday, July 20, 2009

Barbie Mariposa for Caca

Order from Devi, a wonderful mother that has really amazed me! hahahaha....I can tell that Devi and husband really loves Caca and always do everything to make her happy. I was so excited knowing that Devi was really well prepared for Caca's birthday party on Sunday. Since a few month ago Devi has already sent me a message that she would order a barbie cake for Caca and they chose Barbie Mariposa.

Devi even prepared the barbie doll by herself and it's the original one that cost the same as the cake! If I usually mutilated the doll to be put on the cake, this time I didn't have a guts to do it. The original barbie mariposa was too precious to be mutilated, so I just made a whole to stand the barbie mariposa. Decoration using full fondant and as requested everything should be major in pink with a little bit of purple and white. I added some yellow and green to make it more fascinating.

As Caca loves chocolate, so everything was chocolate. I made triple chocolate rich cake for the base cake and double chocolate cake for the barbie skirt. As usual for a safety delivery I never combine between the base cake and barbie cake. I asked Devi to do it by herself later on right before the party starts. It's a very easy thing to do and so far my customers could do it by themselves.

After the birthday party Devi sms me and said that everyone loves the cake. The chocolate cake was delicious and just perfect, matched with their taste. So glad to hear that.

Thank you Devi!

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