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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Carrot cake with cheddar cheese topping

This is another new speciality from Joris' Kitchen that has received good respond and compliment from our customers.

Carrot cake is one of classic cake that every one would just love it. I have made carrot cake before but it seemed not the one I wanted it. Last Monday I received order from mbak Mita, recommended by mbak Susi Burhan, thanks mbak Susi! Mbak Mita ordered a carrot cake for her son's 1st birthday. I was thinking that I should make different kind of carrot cake, I want it to be moister and tasty, so I read some different kind of carrot cake recipes I have including the tips. Mostly the recipes are pretty much the same until I found out some additional tips. There are 2 tips that can help our carrot cake moister. Substitute the butter or margarine with salad oil and add some apple sauce or crushed pineapples to the batter. I did the two ways, and yes, it turned out marvelously! I just love the tenderness and moist texture, besides by adding some crushed pineapples and lemon juice, they absolutely enriched the taste!

I used cream cheese for filling and frosting then generously addres shredded cheddar cheese to the cake. Yummy...yum...yum...!

Wanna try or wanna share your happiness with others by enjoying this one? you know where to go to order :-)


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