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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Repeated order from Mbak Tuti, Hero Group

Repeated order from mbak Tuti, Hero Group. I think she really likes my vanilla butter cake hahaha...after tasted the cupcakes I made for her birthday boss on last Tuesday, Wednesday night I received her sms saying that she wanted to order more. This time she wanted me to make her a decorated cake using basic cake vanilla butter cake with chocolate ganache filling and butter cream icing...color theme pink and purple again :-)

Wow...wow....vanilla joins with chocolate ganache....can you imagine that? very very delicious!!!...

Completing her order, she asked for 10 cupcakes more. 6 chocolate cupcakes with ganache filling and decoration theme pink and yellow with dark chocolate love topper.

And the other 4 cupcakes, vanilla with ganache filling in green color theme. Actually she wanted to have animals chocolate topper as the request just came out yesterday afternoon I told her that I gave up hahahaha....see...I am still very amateur! Finally we agreed to use colorful chocolate stars and heart toppers.

Thank you Mbak Tuti, it's good to received your repeated order...awaiting for the next :-)


fltrspm said...

My daughter wants a purple cake for her birthday.

You cake here is her favorite. It is very beautiful

Joris' Kitchen said...

Thank you, I wish I live nearby so that I can bake for her on her special day :-)