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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Birthday cup cakes

This is the first order after my short holiday to Central Java. The order came from Tuti, Hero Group. I though that the order was cancelled as I waited until last Monday morning, checked my email at gmail and I found nothing from her. Until about 9:30am she called me and asking about my bank account to transfer the money for cupcakes order. I was surprised knowing that the order still going on...Tuti mentioned that she had emailed me the details of the order since a week ago before I left for holiday...well something wrong then...so I asked her to forward her email again to my office email address.

When I checked my office email address she forwarded me the email she sent to my gmail account. Well, it's weird though as she typed the correct email address and I didn't get the email? I went to my gmail account and went thru once again to my mailbox, still nothing....until then I realized that maybe her email went to the spam filter. And yes!...I found her email there!! ehm...weird...this email wasn't a spam but why gmail sent it to my spam folder?

Anyway....it was 4 dozens of cupcakes for Tuti's boss birthday yesterday. She requested for pink and purple theme and should be looked exactly like what I made for Fajar's brother then arranged it like what my friend's did it for her mom's birthday...it's Ike's.

10 cup cakes with different color theme though as it's for another birthday of a man. She requested for blue and white. All cupcakes were vanilla cupcakes with chocolate filling, I used easy melt for the filling.

Later on the day, I received sms from Tuti mentioned that the cupcakes were tasted great. Glad knowing it. Well, when I delivered the cupcakes and met Tuti's colleagues and arranged the surprised birthday cupcakes in their board room, they said that the cupcakes looked stunning and the vanilla smelled very good and tempting. I told them that anytime I received order for vanilla cake, I always put double recipe for the vanilla and slightly change the butter amount and that would make the difference :-)

Wanna try my vanilla cake or cupcakes? please just text me, call me or email me then :-)

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