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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Naruto edible cake for Aras

Aras is daughter for Ienk, my cyber friend. Aras is crazy about Naruto these days....during their holiday in Jakarta, Ienk who lives in Cirebon, sms me asking whether I would be available to make Aras a Naruto cake using edible..it's just for fun said Ienk.

Aras really likes nuts, the family likes chocolate and Aras' causin likes strawberry....Ienk wanted me to combine all together in one cake! hahahahahaha...finally we came out with this idea : 3 layers chocolate sponge cake with 2 kind of fillings : between layer 1 and 2, the filling is strawberry jam and between layer 2 and 3 the filling is peanut butter. I used chocolate ganache to cover all over the cake, decorated with Naruto & friends edible image and using peanut butter to draw the edible border, then cover all ganache surface with almond slices.

When this morning I delivered the cake to Taman Rasuna Apartment, where Ienk and family are staying during their holiday, I was so happy to see Aras' eyes were blinkin looking at her cake. And she even could wait to taste the cake. Aras really loves the almond and chocolate ganache and couldn't stand to pinch her finger to the cake all the time hahahahahaha....

Having more chocolate cupcakes dough, I decided to bake them for Ienk as a gift. Simple decoration using swirl and fondant tiny flowers.

Just received an sms from Ienk saying : (in bahasa)

"Dew, cakenya dah rusak hehehehe..blm difoto dah dicolak2 hihihi..lgs dipotong ama anak2 nih...coklatnya yummy bgt nih...aku sih ngembat ganache nya aja hehe"

It's great to hear that Ienk...thank you very much for yout trust and order, see you again on Tuesday at lunch time.....love you all always!

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