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Monday, September 01, 2008

Doraemon for Farrel's 1st Birthday

This time Fajar ordered a Doraemon birthday cake for her son, Farrel. It was a bit difficult to find the complete Doraemon cake toy set for Farrel. After hunting to some cake shops I finally found them in Blossom but Fajar still unsatisfied as it wasn't the complete one. Then Fajar tried to find the complete one to other place and finally found them with an expensive one.

I followed the Doraemon color as the theme for the birthday cake. The cake itself made of 2 layer chocolate sponge cakes with ganache and blueberry filling.

I was happy with this cake. I think Doraemon theme is such a cutie!

Here is the email I received from Fajar regarding Farrel's birthday cake :

Sorry HP ga ada pulsa he..he..
Kuenya meriah, ludes, kurang banyak :-)
Enak bgt, semua anak minta di bagi..awalnya ada anak kecil yg ngomong “aku minta kue doraemon” yaudah deh bagi2 aja dikit2.. anak2 banyak yg minta doraemonnya ha..ha..si arel molongo doang (nggak ngerti)
Pagi ini aja di rumah gw dah ga ada sepotongpun, busetttt…
Ntar jam 11.30 ke meja mbk dewi ya..
Makasih banyak bantuannya memeriahkan ultah Arel.. :-)

Lucunya, sodara kira beli di Holland Bakery, artinya dah waktunya noh, buka toko kue he..he..survey membuktikan :-)

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