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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Chocolate Almond Cake for Melisa's Husband

This time Melisa ordered a chocolate almond cake for her husband's birthday today. According to Melisa, her husband doesn't like sponge cake stuff so I decided to make him a chocolate devil cake using american recipe that is usually butter cake type buat still very moist and chocolaty! It was the same recipe I used for making Meene (Melisa's daughter) one month cake a while ago.

One thing I missed was the wording. I absolutely can't remember even didn't take a note of the wording preference for the cake, so I made it myself for the wording. Gladly that Melisa wasn't mine with it. Thanks Mel!

This morning I received sms from Melisa. They loved the cake as usual and the taste was just perfect for them.

"Lagi nulis sms pas sms mu masuk :-) Kuenya baru aku makan nih. Enak, cantik, gak terlalu manis, coklatnya mantap, cakenya padat cocok sama coklat dan almondnya. Tapi prasaan wordingnya bukn happy bday my love deh hehehe...Udah habis 2 ptg untuk breakfast. Enak pokoke 2 jempol deh."

Thank you Melisa, Happy Birthday to your husband and my love for Max and Meene.

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