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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pinky flowery barby doll birthday cake for Nasya

Mbak Diah, Averil's mom contacted me last week and asked me if I would be available to make barbie doll cake for her niece birthday.

The barbie doll should be in colorful pink and it has a base cake which is strawberry cake.

So here it is...I made 2 layer of strawberry sponge cakes with vanilla vla and strawberry paletta filling. Strawberry syrup and butter cream are also provitable for this cake. The barbie cake itself is chocolate butter cake.

There was an accident during the delivery from my home in Cibubur to my office in Pancoran area. As the barbie doll cake is pretty heavy and we got some bumpy road this morning, there was a damage! My heart was srunk looking at decoration damages. But then I managed to get all my decoration stuff delivered to my office this morning and I touched up the decoration at my office pantry.

I called my Diah and explained her everything. Glad she understood the situatiation. This afternoon the cake is on the way for delivery. I decided to divided the cake into 2 boxes. I told mbak Diah to put the barbie doll cake on the base cake by herself just right before the birthday party to avoid more damage.

Besided ordering the cake, actually mbak Dian also orderd 35 cups pudding devided into 3 flavours : chocolate orange, strawberry and almond lychee. I didn't take any picture of them.

Thank yo mbak Diah for your order and your trust. My love for Averil and Nasya!

Here was the text message I received from Mbak Diah that made me soo relieved :-)

"Mbak Dewi, Alhamdulillah semua lancar :-) Kuenya siy so pasti enak! :-) Tadi yang dipotong baru base cake-nya aja untuk temen2 dan guru TK. Barbie cake dibawa pulang untuk syukuran kecil dgn keluarga nanti sore. Thx a lot ya Mbak :-)