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Monday, October 27, 2008

Max's 5th Birthday Cake

More repeated order from Melisa, Max's Mom. Today is Max's 5th Birthday and Melisa has ordered this birthday cake since a few weeks ago.

Actually Melisa wanted me to do the fondant figurine for the "Time Before Land" theme but I gave up and finally Melisa gave up too and we ended up with edible picture hehehe...

I made 3 layers of 30 x 30cm chocolate devil cake as Melisa's family is a big fan of my chocolate devil cake. Previously I always made only 2 layer, this time I tried the 3 layers for lovely Max's birthday.

I should apologize if the decoration seems too simple. I alway have a hard time to do boys decoration, girly theme seems much easier for me :-)
My husband said better to be that simple though if it is for a boy, well every body has their own preference. Just wait for Melisa & Max's comments then.

Happy 5th birthday dearest Max, God bless!

And here was Melisa's comment re Max's birthday cake that I copy from my Multiply :

"Cakep ko Dew (beneran, gak cuman ngehibur doang). Kalo pake edible emang dekor selebihnya gak usah rame2. Next time udah pede ya pake figurine hi..hi..hi.. Tks udah ngusahain yang terbaik untuk Max. Sun sayang dari Max (ga sabar nih nunggu kuenya dateng, masih otw ke Serang)"

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