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Friday, October 10, 2008

Barbie Cake for Rena's 3rd Birthday

Another Barbie doll cake for Rena, Sylvia's daughter. Rena birthday was one day before the Eidul Fitri and Sylvia was afraid if I wouldn't be able to help her to make the cake for Rena. Since a month before Sylvia contacted me to make sure that I would say yes to her.

Don't worry Sylvia, as we've been good friends for a few years and since I know that you willing to travel from Tangerang to my home at Cibubur to pick up the cake, so there was no reason for me to say no.

Happy Birthday Rena!

Here was the test message I received from Sylvia after the birthday :

"Dear Dewi, thanks a lot untuk barbie cake nya. Rena happy banget! Tiap mau dipotong kuenya, dia selalu bilang 'eh jangan....jangan dulu dipotong, Ma! :-) I have promised her to order barbie cake for her birthday, and cake order for 1 day prior to Idul Fitri....you've just saved me for that :) Thanks again Dewi...Semoga makin sukses bisnis kuenya ya. GBU. Syvia & Rena"


cb said...

That's a cute cake.

Joris' Kitchen said...

Thank you :-)

Dapur Cantik said...

wow! barbie..i like her a lot..lovely barbie cake ;)

Joris' Kitchen said...

Thanks ya mbak :-)