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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kekahan's Cupcakes

Apologize me as I don't know what's the word in English for Kekahan and what's the exactly meaning hiks. If I am not mistaken, in Islam, Kekahan is a ceremonial prayer and fellowship for the new baby born. A give thanks to Allah also a hope from the parents and elders for the new baby born. They also sacrifice a lamb during this ceremony and share the lamb to the orphanage. CMIIW.

Dyah, Aurell's mom who previously ordered birthday cake during Eidul Fitri holiday, this time ordered some cupcakes for a gift to her best friend whose held Kekahan Ceremony last Saturday.

As her friend is a big fan of chocolate, I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache filling and put chocolate toppers.

I made some for Aurell too with the same theme but add some more cupcakes with girly theme, too bad didn't get a chance to take picture of Aurell's cupcakes.

Thank you very much mbak Dyah for your repeated order.

Here was the YM message I received from her this morning :

idm_tanti: pagi mbak dewi..thanks ya cupcakesnya...aurel seneng banget..lucu2 sampe dia gak tega mau makannya tuh...
kristiantidewi: waaahh lega deh thanks ya
idm_tanti: iya temen ku juga bilang ih mbak ini coklat toh hiasannya kirain mainan...wah tau aja kesenenganku katanya...
kristiantidewi: hehehehe...syukurlah
idm_tanti: sekali lagi makasih banyak ya...
kristiantidewi: sama-sama mbak Dyah

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