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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Colorful Barbie Doll Cake

This is a repeated order from Ibu Elly - Morie's Mom. This time she gave me some pictures of the details of barbie dress that she wanted to be made for the barbie doll cake. When I saw the pictures...I was just shocked. The costume has wings!!! Tried to make the wings but ended up unsuccessfully. On the next day I text Ibu Elly and telling her all the truth. I told her that I am not that professional. I would do the best I could do...if finally she would be unhappy with the cake, then its FOC.

I only took the color theme of the costume for my barbie doll cake, plus some little designs that I might think could be adjusted to the barbie doll cake. Other details I just made up by myself.

Sunday afternoon after the cake was delivered I received a text message from Ibu Elly:

"Bu Dewi, sudah saya terima, bagus banget anak saya seneng banget. Brapa ya harus saya transfer ya. Minta no rekening Mandiri ada?"
(Bu Dewi, I have received it, its beautiful and my daughter is very happy. How much do I need to transfer. Is there any Mandiri account?)

I was soo happy! even still not sure until yesterday evening if Ibu Elly happy with the barbie doll cake I made. Thank you..thank you...and thank you very much Ibu Elly!


Sheila said...

Waaaa, Barbie-nya cantiiiik. Suka sama warna-warninya. Salam kenal, ya.

Joris' Kitchen said...

Hai mbak Sheila...salam kenal juga ya...makasih banyak udah mampir....

Lidia Sianturi said...

cantik Wi...makin Te O Pe aja nih kek2-nya..
Nti kalau aku mudik, dibikinin ga Wi?

Joris' Kitchen said...

Thank you Lid, boleh ntar klo mudik kasih tau aja aku bikinin barbie cake buat Bianca :-)