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Monday, June 23, 2008

Teletubbies for Raina's 2nd birthday

A few weeks ago, Eva contacted me thru email. She wanted to order a birthday cake for her lovely niece, Raina who celebrated her 2nd birthday last saturday. The theme requested was teletubbies and Eva asked for the edible teletubbies.

Well, I have tried to do my best....and as I am just still a amateur, I couldn't make the edible teletubbies just like what Eva wanted. I told Eva the truth that what I could do was just putting the teletubbies cake toys in Raina' s birthday cake. I know that I have disaapointed Eva, therefore I gave her some discount.

This morning I received text message from Eva saying that they were happy with the delicious chocolate rich cake I made for Raina birthday cake...the delicious of the cake could forget them from the edible teletubbies hahahahaha.....thank you Eva for your order and waiting for the next one :-)

"Waduh mbak Dewi, bday cakenya wangi banget, bau lemon...(glad that I decided to put some lemon zest on the syrup and it was just perfect!) jd pd gak sabaran mau icip2 kuenya...apalagi raina, begitu liat adagambar dia ma tetubbies lgs dipegang-pegang kuenya malah edible yang di pinggir kena tgn raina jd copot deh..anyway smua pd nanyain kuenya abis enak trus butter creamnya ga bikin eneg jd pd nambah...tks ya mbak meskipun teletubbiesnya jd pake mainan..."

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