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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Barney & friends for Faya

Faya's birthday is only one day different from Jonathan. Last week, Yudith, Faya's mom, emailed me and asking whether I would be able to make a 3rd birthday cake for Faya. Faya loves chocolate cake and Barney, so I made her a rich chocolate cake with Barney & friends.

Happy 3rd birthday dear Faya!!
Here are text messages I received from Faya's mom on the next day..they were sent in bahasa but basically she wanted to say thank you for the delicious cake and how Faya, the birthday girl really loved the cake and the barney.
"Faya suka bngt :-) pas smp rmh, aq mskin kulkas dl, eh sm fy, kulkas dibuka2 trs, mo liat barney ktnya. pas ud dikluarin, nempel2 trs ke kue, jarinyanowel2 & dimskin ke mulut. ampuh deh...pdhl acaranya blm mulai, tp kuenya ud ditowel2 haha..mlmnya nyari2 barney cs, y ud akhrnya stlh dicuci, barney cs diajakin tiup lilin lg diatas kue yg ud sisa sepotong, trs malem diajakin bobo abreng :-) tmn2 Faya jg suka, mamaku, papa fy, smua pd blg kuenya enak skali kata mrk :-p tx ya Dew, kuenya OK bgt :-) "
What a great relieve when customer satisfied with what we've done. Thank you Yudith!



They are beautiful cakes, and look yummy. I did a course on cake decorating. But gave it away as I could not eat the icing, it was too sweet for me.
Well done

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