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Sunday, June 01, 2008

More for Fruit Pie

After posting the mini fruit pie & mini savory pie, I received a text message on Friday evening from Angky asking if I could make another fruit pie to be sent to Pekayon, Pasar Rebo on Sunday. It's a bigger size of fruit pie, she requested the diameter should be more than 18cm. As I have never done it before I asked her to give me some time to think and to calculate the cost.

Saturday morning I confirmed Angky that I could make the fruit pie for her. After searching in the internet about step by step making a great crust then I gave my first try to do the bigger crust using the crust recipe I used for mini fruit pie. First try didn't go well...so I change the method of doing it and it worked well for the second try, the result turned pretty good even though I didn't do very well in trimming the edges, still need more practise...so give me some more orders on pie then I will be very happy to practise more hehehehe...

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