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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tom & Jerry for Alifa's 6th Birthday

After ordered some goodie bags and birthday cake in November last year, this time mbak Ardin re-ordered the birthday cake for her lovely daughter birthday, Alifa.

The theme is Tom & Jerry and mbak Ardin gave me the sample of birthday cake with the same theme from the internet. Simple...yes very simple one. It was a very quick decorating to do, only took me a hour to finish everything and I even wanted to add some more things but just couldn't figure out what else to put on the cake.

I finally decided to put some gumpaste flowers and plastic grass for the cake on the top and in front of the cake. Kind of like this cake though, simple but nice.

The basic cake is 30cm square vanilla sponge cake with buttercream blueberry flavour. Decoration using vanilla buttercream and edible icing.

Thank you mbak Ardin for your order. Hope Alifa will love the cake.


Lilyana said...

i love it, so cute...
mba, gmn bikin telapak kakinya?

Joris' Kitchen said...

Hi Lily, thank you...I love this cake too...gak bosen deh ngliatinnya, simple but cute..halah muji dhewe hihihihihi...

Bikin telapak kakinya?...hihihihi....edible image sajah, makes your life easier right? hehehehehe....

ardin said...

Mbak Dewi, thanks so much for the cake..so happy that u love making this cake, as Alifa loves it so much! :)