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Monday, February 16, 2009

Kezia's 7th Birthday Cake - Princess Ariel

Lisa, Kezia's mom, I met thru mailing list since 3 or 4 years ago? and we've been good friends in cyber world since then even though never met each other in the real world until today :-)

Lisa ordered a birthday cake for Kezia's 7th birthday. As Kezia goes to the same school as Ruth and Jonathan is SKK III, Legenda Wisata, Lisa decided to stop bye and pick up the birthday cake by herself. Too bad I didn't get chance to meet her as I already left very early in ther morning to work.

I made 20cm square double chocolate rich cake with edible image of Kezia & princess Ariel. This time I wanted to play with fondant, seemed fun and always giving me a new idea for the decoration.

I'm glad Liza and Kezia loved the cake. Thank you Lisa for your order. Hope we will meet face to face in the future. My love for Kezia always! :-)

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