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Monday, February 16, 2009

Donut's Week NCC

I participated the Donut's Week held by Natural Cooking Club Indonesia (NCC). It's absolutely a fun week to see many kind of donuts made by NCC members.

My kids loved this donuts very much, they even asked for more every day! hahaha...It's potato donuts by NCC and the recipe is here: (sorry..it's in bahasa)

500 gr tepung terigu protein tinggi
50 gr susu bubuk
11 gr ragi instant
200 gr kentang, kukus, haluskan dan dinginkan
100 gr gula psir
75 gr mentega
½ sdt garam
4 btr kuning telur
100 ml air dingin

Cara membuatnya:

Dalam wadah, campur tepung terigu, gula, susu bubuk, ragi instant, aduk rata, masukkan kentang halus ,tuang telur dan air dingin, uleni hingga rata dan setengah kalis.
Beri mentega dan garam, uleni terus hingga kalis elastis. Istirahatkan 15 menit.
Bagi adonan, masing-masing 50 gr, bulatkan. Diamkan 20 menit, hingga mengembang.
Lubangi tengahnya, menjadi bentuk donat, segera goreng sampai kuning kecoklatan.
Angkat, tiriskan. Taburi gula donat, atau hias dengan coklat.

Yummmyyy.......and to check on the Donut's Week report hosted by mbak Camelia, you may check this one!

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