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Friday, January 09, 2009

Ben 10 for Aldi's 8th Birthday

Kiki, my colleague ordered Ben 10 birthday cake for her eldest son, Aldi. This time Kiki wants very chocolaty cake with very minimum use of butter cream.

So here it is, 20cm rich chocolate cake decorated with Ben 10 cake toys and edible image.

Thank you mbak Kiki for your repeated order.


Lia said...

Dear mba Joris,

Cantik-cantik banget kuenya, boleh tanya mba Joris, saya penggemar baking juga, tempat cupcakesnya beli dimana mba? Terus boneka-boneka atau mainan Ben10 itu permen atau mainan sungguhan? KAlau beli di jakarta Pusat dimana yach ? Maaf yach mba banyak tanya. trims

Joris' Kitchen said...

Hai Lia,
terima kasih banyak ya...

Tempat cupcakes dan mainan cake (Ben 10) saya beli di Tbk (toko bahan kue).

Kalau mau beli di Jakarta Pusat, bisa ke Tbk Ani di Gunung Sahari, Wilton (Hasyim Ashari), Tbk Mira (Hasyim Ashari), trus belok dikit ke Kelapa Gading ada Tbk Titan. Buanyaakkk hehehehehe...