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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cakes of March 3rd - 9th

Dinar's mom birthday cake

Again, Dinar ordered a birthday cake for her mom whose birthday was on 6th March. Basic cake was surabaya layer cake aka lapis surabaya, covered full with heavy ganache and chocolate decorating.

Muffin Brownie

It's been queit some times I didn't make muffins. So on last Thursday when I took one day leave I made this muffin brownie for family snack and a friend's gift.

Barbie Birthday Cake for Jemima

Jemima's mother, Rini, is my good friend since childhood. 2 weeks ago I was surprised by her email that asked me to make a special birthday for her lovely daughter, Jemima. Jemima likes Barbie so much and everytime they go browsing to my website Jemi just loves the barbie cake I made. So...here it is....a pink and purple barbie birthday cake for lovely Jemima.

Happy 4th Birthday dear Jemima!

Jemima's pink and purple birthday cup cakes

Rini also ordered 4 dozens chocolate cup cakes still with pink and purple theme using Jemi's edible image.

And another one dozen of cup cakes for Rini's friends.

I am glad that Rini and Adib satisfied with the cakes they orderes. Here are sms I received from Rini (sorry they are in bahasa) :-)

First sms from Rini, received on 10 March 2008 at 06:20am

"Wah keren banget jeunk....muah2 makaci bgt yah...wanginya jg lekker....btw cara motong kuene piye hihihihi..., si barbie mesti diangkat dulu ya hiks2 kesian abis cantik banget ni..."

Second sms from Rini, received on 11 March 2008 at 06:49am

"Wi, thanks ya, chocolate devilnya uenak dan kemarin langsung abis dalam sekejab, btw sedih deh motong si pinky barbie yang cantik itu. Ada yang simpe cupcakesnya gara2 sayang buat dimakan hehehehehe"

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