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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Muffins

4th order from Peppy : chocolate chips muffin & chocolate chips oatmeal muffin with some christmas decoration of course.

There was an accident when I made the chocolate chips muffin. Maybe I was too tired so I didn't think wright and becoming careless. I put baking soda instead of baking powder to the batter and it made the muffin tasted so wrong! I realized that something went wrong when Jonathan came to the kitchen and made a little mess with pouring the flour on the floor and made fun of it. I told him to stopped and he just kept doing it. When he then trying to open the baking soda can, there I realized that I have done something wrong! Soon when the muffin done, I tried one and yes, I have made a huge mistake! Thanks to Jonathan, if he didn't make any mess on my kitchen I would have not been realized that I have done something wrong to the batter. So...I have to re-do the chocolate chips muffin and this time I really made sure that everything was right.

I was also a bit confused with Peppy request for Christmas decoration for muffin. Well muffin is for decoration - if it's decorated then it becomes cup cakes hehehehehehe...but I didn't want to dissapoint my great customer like Peppy. I decided to make a simple christmas decoration for the muffins using melted DCC (dark cooking chocolate) and pouring them with christmas sprinkles. Glad that Peppy liked it and even my colleague when seeing the muffins said that they look great and cute.

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