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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mickey Mouse Cake for Nadia

Puufff....after done posting Eid's orders now it's time to go back to birthday cakes.
Well, I have missed the cookies report. Yes, I baked some cookies but I don't think I should take much more pictures of them as they are all packed and made the same.

I received a challenge from mbak Silvia, Nadia's mom to make a Mickey Mouse' birthday cake. Mbak Silvia just wanted the head of Mickey. Well, I have never done it before but it always worth to try.

I asked my friends in NCC mailing list and got some great feedback. Thank you mbak Ani dan mbak Eni in Lampung who has given me the marvelous feedback. I combined both idea from them.

Also thanks to mbak Silvia who has given me the challenge. My best greetings for Nadia.

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